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  1. Pinking HELP

    ANYBODY, pulling my hair out here for the sake of a couple of springs
  2. Pinking HELP

    Hi All, This is my 1st visit to this site. I have a mk2 golf gti, with k-jetronic injection system. The car had a radical engine rebuild about a year ago, and runs like a bullet. However I have one problem which I never managed to solve: PINKING at high revs, and I am now pretty sure its down to the advance springs in the distro. I have tried and tried to locate a repair kit for the distro (all I want are the springs), but have failed. The unit is a BOSCH 026905295AK to suite engine code EV. Can anybody point me in the right direction, as I really do not want to buy a new distro for the sake of a couple of springs. ANYBODY PLEASE………. Thanks