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  1. Gearbox knackered on 2008 A6 --multitronic

    Oh no, I cant use the gears at all
  2. Gearbox knackered on 2008 A6 --multitronic

    Oh sorry, I am based in Huntingdon ( Btwn Peterborough and Cambridge )
  3. Gearbox knackered on 2008 A6 --multitronic

    Hi drpellypo Thanks loads for raising my hopes.this one is z long short , but do u know anyone that wld be willing to have a look at it for me... Only becoz I have spoken to three guys and they also said(out of hand ), they would have to re-condition that one.... Cost close to 4k.HELP
  4. Gearbox knackered on 2008 A6 --multitronic

    Thanks for all the input guys... AUDI not interested in meeting me halfway... Does anyone have a reasonably cheap suggestion for a way foward please. Taf
  5. Gearbox knackered on 2008 A6 --multitronic

    Car serviced by Audi every 20 000 miles . Gear box oil changed every 40 0000. So, yes to both questions. Car now done 143000 miles.its an A6 Le Mans S-line 2.7 tdi. What did u mean by upped to the 7-8 clutches . Sorry am not very good with tech lingo.
  6. Gearbox knackered on 2008 A6 --multitronic

    Sorry meant specialists who aren't Audi dealerships..cost wise
  7. Hi guys... My car came to a standstill while cruising on motorway and displayed the dreaded PRNDS.i was toured to Audi dealer who today said the gearbox needs replacing at £5600... Ridiculous . Any suggestions of cheaper alternatives pliz... I still love my AUDI..thanks Anyone with info on Audi specialist centres around Cambridge Peterborough area???
  8. Hi guys .me again . I need a replacement bumper for my black A6 2008 s line model. DEALER CHARGED £790 fix and supply and I am not willing to pay that.. Sorry. Can anybody advise me please on a used one.Also Can I use one for a later model??. I have gone onto eBay looking for a few weeks now but nothing. Thanks guys
  9. Sat nav

    Hi guys. Need to upgrade sat nav on my 2008 a6. Not done it again since new. Any ideas pliz for a cheap way of doing it.I have been to Audi and they can do it for no less than 150 pound. Crazy. Thanks again Taf Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. missing light cover

    Thanks mate. Will speak to them and report back.
  11. missing light cover

    Hi guys. Its only me again. Someone knicked a cover at the bottom of my front grill . Thing is I dont even know what this cover is called or where to get it. Anyone with ideas pliz about what i need to get, a part number would be really helpful. I have attached a pic of the offending area. not nice to look at right now. Thanks guys P/S I was here a month ago about my iphone 4s not connecting to my in car bluethooth. got a few fascinating ideas of what to do but am still non the wiser.. still not connected yet. Any other ideas????.. Still driving an 08 audi A6 sallon 2.7 litre s line.
  12. Iphone 4s Bluetooth hand free connection to 2008 A6

    Yes, car has Bluetooth .when I search phone finds AUDI UHVxxxx, but the next step of actually coupling them never u think this might be an issue with car ???
  13. Hi guys . Me again I need to connect my iPhone 4s via the bluetooth hands free kit in my 2008 A6. I have tried on/off for few months now without any success whatsoever. Does anybody know if these 2 animals are compatible, and if so how can I connect the two. I have never had any probs with previous versions of the iPhone. Plieezzzeee Thanks Taf
  14. damaged MMI radio knob

    Thanks.will do that, and let u know the outcome tomorrow night.
  15. damaged MMI radio knob

    Thanks loads for the info.well far u know do u think I wll b able to fit this myself, bearing in mind I am a it easy enough?.any tips pleaseeeeee?