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  1. Milltek Tuners GP this sunday

    yeah...I'm completely harmless
  2. Milltek Tuners GP this sunday

    nah those who know me I"m a sensitive Belgian Ass Fecker....although I also feck foreign asses if needed
  3. Piccies

    Hi Chris, the CSL beater is no more for the time being the engine that's coming in now is gonne be more of a GT2/Enzo beater we're aiming for a safe 450(track) with max of 550(sprint) with all the bits on it
  4. Piccies

    very nice! guys, if you ever need Stoptech brakes or anything else engine related, let me know!! check it out (my new business)

    you need to talk to Andy Forrester and get it Apexi'ed then find yourself some R32's
  6. Off to Spa & Nurburgring

    you're here.....
  7. Blue's new mota!

    I'm still waiting for the new engine to arrive.... It'll be ready in January-Februari nesw turbo, complete new engine, new brakes, new exhaust, new computer, ... the works
  8. Off to Spa & Nurburgring

    nah, i'd just need a friendly guy mail me when you guys will be there... TSN @ (delete the spaces before and after the @)
  9. Look what father christmas is bringing me

    VERY nice car john!!!! you guys need to let me know when you're going to go to the ring or SPA next year!! and Lagoo, I mailed you some info on a cheap brake upgrade kit!!
  10. GT3 Seats

    You can always get cheap official porsche parts from this guy a personal friend of me, tell him Karel with the 993 4S send you
  11. Blue's new mota!

    nah....mine will be a 2.4l with a huge turbo on it almost the same outside but a rather more powerfull engine in it
  12. My whistling bonnet

    this noise was very badly heard on the older classic shapes and it was always due to the windows nog being locked high enough on the plastic trim from the car. we have doors with no the window is closed against the rubber sill on the chassis. If you lower your window and then have it go up again while the door stays closed the motor won't be able to push it far enough and the windown won't be shut 100% properly.
  13. Off to Spa & Nurburgring

    you're all a bunch of twats, I didn't read it on time cause of all the water in my eyes...cause of the engine blow up....anyway, there's a better one on the way
  14. Off to Spa & Nurburgring

    why didn't no one let me know!! I would have been there! we went the week after this, 1st november but saw noone familiar!