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  1. Audi extended warranty

    Sorry to hear about your clucth issues, past experience shows that problems like that will normally be labelled "wear and tear", the stealers might be able to try a "goodwill claim"? Think all the stealer is saying is can you commit to paying the inspection fee (maybe an hours labour) in case no fault is found and you're just being paranoid or something... that way some poor harry hasn't been working on your car a whole day and not getting paid for it (either by you or by the manufacturer). IMHO fair enough, say 9/10 they'll be able claim the cost of the inspection and the fix back from the manufacturers and maybe 1/10 times theres no fault or the fault isn't covered by warranty in which case at least you know what the problem is and get an estimate for fixing it. They never inspect the car for free! If you're saying all problems should be covered under extended warranty then I say sign me up, that would be bliss, but can't say it ever happening from a practical point of view... its like saying insurance will pay out everyone for anything and everything - people will create problems just so they can all walk away with new cars and there wouldn't be enough money in the pot to pay for it all. Anyway, good luck with it mate. If it's not decided to be a warranty fault you would have had to pay the inspection fee afterwards anyway on the road to getting it fixed yourself. Fly
  2. A select group of customers had been invited to Sytner Harold Wood by Laurence Bennett, who is their sales manager, to view the new BMW X6 ///M and I was previleged to be one of those customers. The oppurtunity: to sample all of its 5.0 V8 550bhp Twin-Turbo (threat, you might end up buying one!). As you walk up to the X6 ///M, you notice details such as the wide wheels, in this case the Silverstone II paint job, quad exhausts and the ///M aerodynamic body kit. With the interior, you notice the quality of the materials such as softer quality leather as standard, the extended leather covered dashboard, the stiching, the ///M instrument cluster and the gearshift levers. So what's it like on the road? Hit the start button and the V8 bursts into life with notable growl, then settles to idle with a subtle burble. Pulling out of the parking area and on to the road, the X6 ///M starts can go without any drama just like a normal X6 (which is ideal). But it has that that special car feeling due to the steering feel even at such low speeds, and the exhaust note. Speaking of exhaust note, I feel that BMW have got it spot on. It isn't extrememly loud, you wouldn't want it to be intrusive in a car like this! I have driven a lot of high powered Audi's and one thing that really annoys me is the 'exhaust drone' when you're trying to make steady progress on the motorway. The DCT gearbox is extremely smooth. Get it right (this isn't difficult) and even in manual mode you will not notice the gear changes! Progress is made at a rather good pace :D If you forget that you're in a V8 beast and want to remind yourself. Come to a safe standstill. You may choose to put the car in neutral, and give the gas pedal a couple of flips to hear the exhaust/engine. Press the ///M button (which changes dynamics for the next part), and make a rather swift getaway. The car indiciates its pleasure by producing some amazing exhaust snap, crackle and pop going through the gears. For even more drama move the DCT box into sport mode, and use the manual gear change functions (the steering wheel mounted paddles are very handy). It rides very well on 20" wheels, and the suspension is compliant indeed. You could drive on for hundreds of miles without feeling uncomfortable. Verdict - :bow: Its a superb sample of BMW's engineering excellence. Very well put together and has ample amount of sound deading to make long journeys comfortable. My father has a 2010 Range Rover 5.0 Supercharged 510hp, but the BMW feels like a better put together machine! Though both the cars are totally different, they are alike in terms of luxury and comfort,so much so that I have decided that we need a BMW X5 ///M (due to us needing more space/seats) this space. Special thanks to Ryan @ Harold Wood for showing me around and making the day really enjoyable and to Anneka @ Sytner for looking after me. Also big thanks to Kevin, the Service Manager @ Harold Wood (top man) for making time to talk cars with me. Compared to our X5 - to be fair our car has the BMW performance grills fitted, and thus looks aggressive anyway. Its only when you compare it to a X6 you realise how aggressive a X6 ///M is Flake pop heart Head up display in ///M mode Head up display in normal mode A pair of beautiful new BMW F10 5 series Aegean Blue 335i - note how it looks subtle in normal lighting More flake pop heart The interior reminds me of Wafik's previous car (member on e90post) BMW X1 with some cool graphics. I didn't realise what they were until I saw these photos The 10 year anniversary BMW X5. Looked much better in flesh than I had expected and the stitching/upholstery are sublime :cool!: Taken these forum another members post: "So I went to Harold Wood today and as I was walking through the workshop I heard the most gorgeous sound, turned around and saw this beauty... it was love at first sight. Apologies pictures don't do it justice; I only had my camera phone on me at the time. I don't know who she belongs to so sorry and congratulations if she belongs to you... enjoy your new Performance Wheel, I suspect the wheels are new too! heart I'd have mine exactly the same but would consider Aegean Blue."
  3. I haven't seen one yet! Have you considered a Pogo Alert? I realize it may not be what you're looking for. Just suggesting one because I have found mine to be very reliable over the 2+ years I have owned one and its nice on the eye. Hope someone posts about the Snooper Lynx.
  4. Broadband and Phone

    Although I understand your predicament. Have you called BT to say you're leaving? They might offer some resolution. I have been trying to leave for the past two years for no other reason than O2 being cheaper at the time, and BT have given me good enough discounts to stay. Currently paying £15 a month for BT option 3. Good enough for us because it meant we could continue using the hub phone/broadband talk for cheap international calls. Plus given some discount on the line rental itself.
  5. Apple Macbook Pro 13" + Case

    This has now sold.
  6. New car prep in Moscow + Mods

    Cheers for the appreciation guys. Reflecting on this, yes maybe a little. Still thawing! Just about worked...had to leave it to cure for an extended period .
  7. I bought this but have since changed my mind and keeping my current notebook. Since I got excellent discount on it :-D, I figured I'd see if someone on here wants it before it goes back to the store. For sale an opened, sealed box unibody Macbook Pro 13" which has Applecare included. Applecare the warranty/support up to 3 years (26th Dec 2012). Plus an Incase neoprene sleeve to keep the computer protected. All of it is worth £1397.25p. The machine was bought on the 26th Dec 2009 and is This is a current model Macbook Pro part number MB991B/A which means it is the higher spec 13" model and it has: 2.53ghz processor 250gb hard drive 4GB RAM Plus the usual pro features such as two usb ports, sd card slot, wifi etc, OSX. For more information please go to Apple's website. Apple (United Kingdom) - MacBook Pro - Technical specifications of the 13-inch. Also offering with the computer an Incase neoprene sleeve in grey (not for sale separately. Incase 13" Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook/ MacBook Pro - Apple Store (U.K.) Price: £1100 all incl delivered or £1070 if you wish to collect it in person from London. Payment via paypal gift or cash on collection.
  8. I thought I'd post this up and share what I use where winters are really tough. One of our businesses is based in Russia and my last trip over there coincided with the delivery of our new car in Moscow. With a weekend and no urgent work, I decided to detail the car. I could not take any photos before or during, even the afters were difficult to take in -21* c . The car is a 2010 Range Rover 5.0 S/C in a very unusual colour called Nara bronze and it has ivory/arabic interior, this car was previously one of the display vehicles at new model launch in Geneva. Wash :lol: Wheels washed with 10:1 wheel brightener solution and brushes Snow foamed with a strong mixture mixed with APC Rinsed Snow foamed again Rinsed 2 bucket wash with warm Duragloss 901 solution Used an air blower to get rid of excess water Pat dryed with miracle dryers Preparation Clayed with sonus green and last touch Each panel pat dryed after claying Once over with last touch Polishing :buffer: Machined using Meguiars G220 Meguairs 205 on sonus finishing pads x 2 passes Glass polished with raceglaze glass cleaner Wiped over with last touch Zymol HD cleanse applied by hand using hand applicator Finishing All interior wiped down with soft cloth Interior glass cleaned with meguiars glass cleaner Leather conditioned with zymol treat Paint waxed with zymol concours x 3 layers Wheels sealed with chemical guys wheel guard Exhausts finished with zymol metall The customs folk were slightly amused when they found out why we were carrying a DA etc. I certainly enjoyed the process as it was exciting/madness detailing in the cold :D. Enjoy the finished photos. Modifications Sidesteps Mud guards Winter wheels + tyres
  9. Royce Coupe with Strobes!!

    Maybe it belongs to or is on loan royalty...I've seen some Range Rovers in central London with strobe lights and it wasn't police.
  10. Wafik (from e90post) and I were very kindly invited to Sytner Harold Wood in order to preview some products last week, by Laurence Bennett, the Sales Manager at BMW who also promised us a surprise! Great I thought, happily accepting the invite! :driver: Pulling into the dealership car park, I caught the first glimpse of a 535i GT in Black Sapphire with Beige leather interior, wearing a set of 20” wheels. I took a good few minutes to look around the GT and my first impressions were, ‘this looks better than I thought it would and I suppose I can see why BMW built this’. As I turned my back to the GT to walk towards the main building, I saw a white X1 with Red leather interior parked outside and I spent a brief amount of time looking at it. This was a bit of a surprise to me as I did not expect to see these on the road yet. I could see that inside the dealership there was another GT similar to the one I’d just seen outside (maybe this is the launch spec), which meant I was able to have a close look at one of these. I couldn’t see many other people around though, and then noticed that this was because everyone had gathered in one office in the corner. One of the guys came over to greet me and offered their apologies, explaining that BMW are here for a team briefing. Shortly afterwards, the hostess offered her apologies too and asked if I would like a cup of tea or coffee. At this point, I was wondering where Wafik was! As I walked around the dealership, I was looking at the new and demo cars, at which point, Kevin, who was walking over across the lot, came over to say Hello and offered his assistance. Kevin is the new After Sales Manager at Harold Wood, and is responsible for looking after the service, parts and body shop operations. He’s a really nice guy who pays attention to detail, and is focused on delivering exceptional customer service and resolving any issues. I assured Kevin that I was okay and after thanking him, he carried on upon his business. Barely a minute passed when Kevin reappeared and was accompanied by Laurence. Laurence explained that the product teams from BMW were down to brief staff on the two new product lines and apologized for the delay as we went inside, where I was introduced to our very own Wafik. We dispersed to get our cameras out in order to take photos. Firstly, we started off with the 5 series GT which sits somewhere between the 5 series and the 7 series, both in placement and size. Perhaps it’s targeted at people who want the comfort of a 7 series and the practicality of a hatchback. It clearly offers more occupant space that any 5 series prevalent. I really liked many aspects of the GT including the pillar-less doors , the two opening positions of the boot lid and reclining rear seats. We’ve been told the GT option packs include something for everyone. The interior looks very familiar due to the fact that it reminds of the new 7 series which I’ve previously enjoyed driving (which was also supplied by Harold Wood). Unlike the 7 series, this feels compact yet spacious at the same time due to the fact that it has shorter front and rear overhangs which enable the car to be more maneuverable and easier to park. The folding rear seats coupled with a hatchback boot allows awkward objects to be loaded and transported easily, which is more complicated to accomplish in a saloon car. After conversing with one of the staff members at the dealership, I discovered that it is only available in the 30d and the 535 petrol engine has mono turbo. From the few aspects of the 5 series GT which I have explored, it is evident that its target audience is mainly professional drivers or executives who need a practical yet luxurious car within itself. I was asked if I’d seen his famous ‘Brilliant White’ M3 which in fact, I somehow missed. The next question was would I like to? It was inside the showroom already wearing its number plate. In my mind I was thinking, ‘It looks stunning, wow!’ I thought that it was an amazing colour. It is believed to be the only one in the country in this colour. Despite the fact that for the past few years white has been the new thing in, it was the first time I’d seen anything like this on a BMW. The difference between it and Alpine White, is day and night. It reminded me a bit of the Lamborghini pearlescent white as the paintwork has lots of bright and beautiful metallic flakes. This M3 is fully specified and it shows, extended leather, the larger wheels, DCT and the list goes on! All this while Laurence was accompanying us so that we wouldn’t feel unattended to. He made us feel comfortable, offering us refreshments and even offered to make us a proper brew. At last the two gentlemen from BMW GB arrived with a ‘Frozen Grey’ E92 M3 coupe. This is the same colour which is well discussed and appreciated through various forums. It’s a beautiful metallic grey with a specially developed lacquer which enables it to appear as if it has a matt finish. I should add that this colour isn’t currently available to order, and BMW have only produced a limited number of M3’s and M6’s for market feedback. I think it’s a striking colour which accentuates the curves and lines of the cars wearing it. I, for one, would be interested in ordering the colour on a M3 Touring (if such dream became reality). I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone at the dealership and the discoveries which we have made. Pleasure meeting Wafik as well. I am grateful to Laurence for the invite and his commitment, and hospitality towards us. He spent a lot of time with us, I am sure if we stayed longer he would still extended his hospitality. Things have changed at Harold Wood for the positive, and I will whole heartedly recommend the dealership to anyone considering a BMW product or service regardless of where ever they are in the country.
  11. I've just sat in a 5 series GT

    I've also seen one of these and its bloody huge. Seems like a cross between a x6 and a 7 series, I'm sure those lights are 7 series too.
  12. bazza in a GTR...

    Congratulations, its a great car and a nice colour too. I'm sure you're out enjoying it, its an immense car :-D. Attracts a lot of attention though from all ages. Get a milltek y pipe fitted right away, whilst reducing some exhaust boom it releases that extra growl. Some of my photos: It does 6 laps of The Ring to a tank of fuel (im sure its over fueling :-S) and if you're ever bothered, it will hit a GPS indicated 196mph on the Autobahn.
  13. New car arriving tomorrow

    Happy for you...I'm sure you wont be sleeping much tonight. By the sound of it your pride and joy will be run in, in no time at all. Enjoy it :D
  14. Mollox

    I turned up in the x5 only a short while before you left. Na the bbq hadnt started then .. i think
  15. Mollox

    In his lovely M3 at Evolve rr day last Saturday.