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  1. Clutch switch check.. advice please

    Sadly, no-one seemed to have an answer to my original question.. :confused: - so since Shark_90 seems to be a top poster, I gave him a call. He's been busy recently with a move to new premises (only some 40 yards from where his is at present, so don't panic anyone!) so he hasn't been able manage much time on the forum. But what a sound guy! Immediately helpful and obliging on the phone, I paid him a visit. He was extremely welcoming and involved me in all the checks he did, explaining all the way and, within just a very few minutes, located the fault methodically with his VAG.COM kit, had the dash in bits, extracted the clutch switch and by-passed it temporarily to prove to me it was indeed at fault. I had a trip to a not-so-local Audi dealer, as we couldn't get a replacement part at short notice near to his base; popped back after and he fitted it a jiffy. Shark_90 certainly knows his stuff, offers a first class service and charges very modestly. I have no hesitation in expressing my sincere thanks to him and, on the basis of my experience today would suggest that anyone with a potential electrical type fault could do far worse than to involve him. Check out any of his postings for the business website and full range of services. Cheers Ben.
  2. Hello out there, can anyone help! My cruise control has suddenly stopped working. Sadly I don't have ready access to VAGCOM of the like. I have read thread after thread on this great forum (and vwaf) and it seems the most common fault is a duff clutch or brake switch. The brake lights work as they should, so I would like to check out the clutch switch (once I can expose it that is..) However, I have read in one of the threads that I shouldn't mess with the switch, or else it might affect one of the codes. As it's a simple push-to make operation, I was just hoping to bypass the switch with a wire between the two terminals and try the cruise again. Can anyone out there (perhaps Shark_90, who seems to be an Authority on these matters, if you're around ) advise whether my plan is ok and going to work, or not? Any help from any quarters would be appreciated though; Thanks.