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  1. Coil pack check light.. :(

    Well, turned out alright in the end.. Seems to be a boost pressure sensor next to the intercooler on the pas. side. £40 for the sensor plus a bit of labor The engine mount isnt serious but can wait for a week before changing
  2. Coil pack check light.. :(

    Had to take my old man to A&E last night in a bit of a rush... seems I have caused issues with my 4.0Tdi now though When I started the car after leaving him I had the coil warning light flashing at first, then a solid engine management light. Have taken it to my Audi mechanic who ran the error codes and they came out as an engine mount sensor and a boost pressure problem. Tried reseting the codes but they came back (it was worth a try ) I assume its time to empty the ISA's? Anyone had similar issues after a 'brisk' drive?
  3. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    I had the motor replaced, i dont think you can get just the belt
  4. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    Yup, not far from paisley..
  5. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    Got my car returned fixed today (by Owen Ferry Auto) Turned out to be the motor on one side. Seems it has a little belt inside it and was gubbed
  6. MSP Pages (Factory Option & Paint Codes)

    Ahh, its alright, found it in my service book, all good
  7. MSP Pages (Factory Option & Paint Codes)

    I might be a bit daft here, but I can find the chassis number, but no other plates with codes on y d3.. :confused: Am I looking in the wrong place? Does the D3 have a plate with the codes on it>?
  8. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    My error code was something like "rear passenger caliper motor failure" or something like that... When the pads were changed that one side failed to calibrate or something. I remember them using the computer to move the pads in or something and one worked fine, the other danced around various numbers but never reached 0. Got a price of £165 for the motor or £465 for the caliper and motor.. should be under warranty, but Evans Halshaw are playing the game with me... we'll see how long they last
  9. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    Ahh well... changed the back pads on mine, still making a grinding noise. Comes up with the fault codes etc, so it must be the motor Still under warranty for a few months so will have to book it in
  10. occasional air suspension noise

    I hear a fair bit of creaking on start up going away from my house over speed bumps.. doesnt do it on the way back
  11. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    Mine just started having issues with the P.brake tonight. One side seems to work fine but the passenger side keeps making noises then just doesnt lock on... Will take the wheel off tomorrow and give it a good clean, hopefully help