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  1. VAG-COM user database

    My car needs to be diagnosed properly.. The engine keeps cutting out after about 2 mins. Had it diagnosed by a local mechanic, on his laptop (not VAG COM) it came up as "HALL TRANSDUCER" as the error, so got the part from Audi and replaced it but still got the same fault!!!! Im guessing his diagnostic software was some cheap stuff.. can anyone with VAG COM help? Im near Gants Hill in Essex. Got a old shape A3?
  2. ok, had a diagnostic scan.. and it had an error on Hall Transducer Tried looking on the net, but can't find any information on it.. any of you know what this part is? Planning to ring Audi on monday..
  3. Have had trouble free motoring for years with my S Reg A3 1.6. Last week, the coolant level warning lamp came on and I had a look, and it needed to be toped up by about half a pint or so.. Had a look for leaks, couldn’t find any and over the week the level stayed the same. It has never needed topping up before. But yesterday when I was on the M25 doing around 70mpg the car just lost power.. manage to safely get on to the hard shoulder and tried restarting it wouldn’t start up. The temperature gauge is normal, not over heating. As I was in the process of calling the AA, as it has been a couple of mins tried starting up and it started up again.. as it was the early hours of the morning I wanted to get home so continued my journey. Only 10 mins latter on the M11 the car did the same thing, engine cuts out and complete power loss. As I was about less than a mile away from home, didn’t wait for the AA, just waited couple of mins and restated the car and got home.. What is happening to my car? Anyone got any idea whats happening to it? Its Now done 90k.
  4. Its not there.. I just checked it.. Any other ideas?
  5. douh.. I actually unscrewed and removed the fuse box.. but couldn't see any behind so put it back in again.. going to try it again..
  6. Hi all.. I have had my A3 1.6 for over 4 years now and it developed a strange fault.. the dipped headlights won't come on. Checked the bulbs, the fuse, and I don't think its the switch either as the full beam switch knows the dipped beam iis switched on. Mate of mine recons it might be a relay.. but where is the relays on the A3? Help!..
  7. High Level Brake Light - bulb changing

    I have done it.. on a A3 though.. My mate use to have a S3 and Im sure the lights & assembly are identical.. Audi will sell the bulbs (in a pack of 10 for about £5). You need a philips screw driver. Unscrew the two screws from the hand grip under the boot lid. then there are about 10 tensioners holding in the bood lid to the bodywork.. this is a bit hard to get off.. as you need a lot of strenth and pull the boodlid from the bodywork out one by 1 as not to break the the tensioners holding on to the plastic bodywork. then getting to the holster and bulbs are easy..
  8. Cambelt

    How much did it cost? If you don't mind me askin? thanks S
  9. DIY cambelt change?

    [ QUOTE ] Is your motor a 1.6? I did my cambelt on my previous 1.6 A3.It was reletivly easy BUT, make sure you have a good idea what your doing or you may destroy your engine on start up! [/ QUOTE ] Hi Im about to do my A3 1.6's, can you tell me do I have to get anything other than the belt and the tensioner from Audi? thanks S
  10. Cambelt

    I think it should be good for 80K
  11. yahh.. how dude.. how??
  12. I did send a PM but got no reply! So still looking... anyone?
  13. Alloys, Advice Please…

    The tyre mark does seem to have been made by a car going the other way to his A3 is facing!
  14. Alloys, Advice Please…

    thanks guys... Now off to find some money!! Is there a chance other style 17" may cause a problem then?
  15. (I’m new to this forum, best Audi forum I have seen to date..) I have a bog standard 195/65/R15s on my car now.. Want to get some nicer alloys, seen some replica S3 styles for £500 (17”). My question is how easy is it to change over the tyres, is it as simple as taking the old wheels off and putting the new ones off, or would the suspension have to be adjusted?? I have an SE spec if that makes any difference…. I was going to go for 225/45/R17 tyres.. Is there any thing I need to change or look out for? Thanks guys..