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  1. Is there anywhere where all the links that have been posted are as none seam to open
  2. Audi Navigation

    Thanks for the reply Dave The car is a 07 cabrio that inside look like my older B6 but the car has the upgraded front end so I would guess at a B7 but being a butcher and no expert on cars I could be wrong lol The system I have is a BNS 5.0, it has one cd input in the unit which the navigation cd is in, within the glove box is a ipod input which again im trying to work out what is best to do Do I upgrade the head unit and then will the ipod control work and multi function on the wheel Not sure what is best to do and reading some past posts I see there is a guy that does this swap over in Manchester Any Advice is very welcome
  3. Audi Navigation

    Ive just got my new (to me) A4 and its got Audi Navigation, what I want to know is can I simply swap over to a navigation plus system or will I need to do other things to make it work ? Thanks
  4. It it a simple swap from a audi navigation system to the newer audi navigation plus thanks
  5. Advice on an older A4 Quattro...

    Ive got a 2.5 Tdi Quatro A4 on a 51 plate which is i think on about 140000, its a fantastic car and never let me down, the 4 wheel drive is fantastic in the snow of winter and then in summer the air con works fine. It eats tyres but not to an alarming rate, power is very good at 180 BHP but i find it runs through the first few gears very quick. fuel economy is also good for a larger car at around 35 mpg I will be selling it in the near future as we have just got a 2.0 tdi cabrio but need to remove the private plate first I would recommend this car all day long
  6. A little help please

    Im picking up a A4 cabrio tomorrow, its a 07 2.0 Tdi S-line with multi tronic gearbox Within the glove box where the multi cd player is in my old A4 is a connection box that looks like it may be for an ipod, would that be right ? and would I need a lead for this ? Also i found in the centre arm rest is another unit that looks like it should connect to something, (A lot of little brass dots) is this for a phone and can any phone be connected through this ie is there a cradle for an iphone Many Thanks for your help
  7. climate control unit buttons

    Thanks for that Best start looking through ebay then I thought there may off been a paint option As for the sticky buttons - the cup holder is above so could be anything Ive had the same on the CD player, I just sprayed some wd40 around it and its fine now
  8. It seams as there are many others out there with the same problem as I have around the buttons on my climate control unit rubbing off which in day light looks bad but at night looks a whole lot worse. Is there any kit for repair for this or is it best just to replace the whole unit Whats the top tips here Thanks
  9. Audi 2.5 TDi power gains

    Can anyone advise what would be the best option for power gains for a 2.5 V6 audi A4 ? Cost would also be a concern !! Thanks
  10. Help with Wiper blades !!

    I have an A4 2001 face lift that has a broken wiper blade Now on the end of each arm is a plastic part that is snaped !! Ive been to the main stealers and been told I will have to buy the whole wiper arm to get this small plastic part surely there must be some ware that sells just this part Please help !!
  11. Alarm problems

    Can anyone help ? When I lock my car (Passat TDi 2001) if arms as per norm then one hour later every time the alarm goes off then resets its self Its more of a problem when I get back from work late (11pm) then I wake the street at 12 Also about the same time this started the boot buton on my remote stoped working ?
  12. option codes Theres some guy on ebay trying to sell this information ?
  13. Service Now !!

    Thats done the trick Thanks
  14. BIG f**k up. Petrol in Diesel

    I have done this before !! Now dont laugh I put petrol in my diesel Citroen BX and when it stopped I called the RAC. Now to this day I cant remember putting petrol in but anyway the RAC came out and could not find out what was wrong> He thought it was the head gasket gone. So when I got the car back home (tow by RAC) I started to have a little look around to see what I was going to do (Burn it came to mind) When i thought I can smell petrol and sure enouth petrol it was all I did was drain all the fuel out (on the road and down the drain) got some diesel put in and cranked it over for a bit and away she went and I never had any problems with the engine on her it was just about everything else that went wrong
  15. Service Now !!

    Can anyone help I have had my car serviced (not by VW) and now the Service now sign has started flashing I have tryed holding the trip meater and turning the clock button right like it says in the book but this dont work on my car ? is that the old way to do it on the older model ? How can I get rid of this ? Please help I dont want the nasty money grabbing man at VW to charge me a arm & a leg to push a few buttons