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  1. Thanks for the responses. Having examined autotrader it looks like you unsurprisingly get more for your money from the VW Passat of the same era, it ain't no Audi after all. I presume they are reasonably similar with the engines being especially so. Next step is going to have a sit in both and seeing if I think the Audi is worth the premium or go super hack with the Passat. Thanks again.
  2. MrMe, if it looked like this then I believe that is a B6, and what I am looking to buy.
  3. Looking at replacing a BMW petrol E46 with an Audi A4 saloon B6 series 1.9 diesel with a manual box for putting miles on on the motorway. I don't have any prior experience with VAG diesel so could do with some advice please. Parkers reports 3 engine flavours for the 1.9, a 100PS, 115PS and 130PS. Are there any major differences or caveats between these engines? I presume that throughout the build cycle the more powerful engine replaced the less powerful one preceding it, as this is usually the way these things work. Are any of these engines renowned as baduns and best avoided? I am after MPG and reliability rather than "refinement" or out and out speed. I'm looking at around a 2003 with sub 100,000 miles. Hopefully and presumably there is no DPF to worry about on these models? Advice welcomed. Thanks.
  4. Which fuse is the cig lighter

    Help with fuse for interior cigarette lighter - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums apparantly "For the cigarette lighter in the cabin and glove compartment, it should be the one on its immediate left - F87. " i always thought there was a little diagram on the back of the fuse box cover? either way its a 20 amp fuse normally so open the box and scan through for 20 amp fuses, pull out and check condition with your eye to see if its gone.
  5. loss of power

    so you've changed all the coil packs. rough running loss of power could be camshaft inlet or exhaust sensor (if fitted to your particular BMW). they would normally throw a fault code but i have first hand experience of lack of power and poor running, turned out it was the camshaft inlet sensor, cost is about £60 i would only buy genuine part. clutching at straws without the fault codes though...
  6. E46 Running Problems

    also to add to the above check the coil packs, any EML light? EML light and this kind of rough running stalling might be due to a dodgy coil or two, especially given the cold weather and it is a bit of a weak point on them. another possibility is get the car fault code read you might find camshaft sensor on the fritz, i can't remember if you have inlet and exhaust camshaft sensors on that particular model, but it is known that when they are on the blink the car will start and then cut out randomly and at it's on will, especially just after starting. doesn't normally cause dog rough idling though prior to death so it might unfortunately be something more sinister fuel related.
  7. Key Fob Stopped Working

    depending on the era of the BMW i think i see an e46 in your avatar you can pair the replacement key to your car so far as the unlocking/locking side goes. bmw or person with the technical knowhow will have to cut the key and deal with the immobiliser side of things but the locking and unlocking remote function can be programmed with a set of keypresses and key turns. google knows all on that, its very straightforward.
  8. washer jets not working...

    if you can just about hear the motor spinning or sounding sickly it could be a few things. commonly the pump will fail, i don't know what age or type BMW you have but on the E46/E39 era a german built pump oem equivalanet can be purchased for around £10 on ebay. for an e39 and i believe the e46 is the same (or at least similar) the pump resides in the driver side wheel arch. jack car up and remove front driver wheel. remove wheel arch, you will see the resevoir in front of you and the pump(s) connected to it. if you have headlight washers or its a touring you can have upto 3 pumps to drive the respective circuits. in the first instance i would fill the washer resevoir up with water and then start the ignition and pull the washer stalk to see if you can see water leaking out from the pump. if no leaking it means blocked pump or gunged up resevoir. pull the pump carefully out the resevoir upwards and you will get wet knees as water and lots of gunk from the bottom of the tank empties out. flush water through it with the hose and it will clean that out. you should have a plastic sieve like rubber grommet thing that the pump fits into, consider replacing this, cost is about a quid from BMW. i had similar problem on an e39 and it turned out the pump was fine (i replaced it anyway), it was just really gunged up in the bottom of the tank and i flushed it out and fitted the new grommet thing, took about 45 minutes. you may have to buy replacement little popper things to hold the arch liner to the leading edge of the arch. check realoem for all part numbers. of course it could be a blockage or leakage elsewhere in the system once water has left the pump but it should be easy enough to diagnose.
  9. Equivalent to VAGCOM for BMWs?

    can't help with the VAGCOM equivalent, i believe there is something called BMW INPA (google it), i've never used it myself. for fault code reading and service light reset on the pre idrive vehicles you mention like E39 and E46 i use a peake reader; R5-FCX-3 Scan and Reset Tool for BMWs
  10. "High" mileage

    a BMW over 100K is fine so long as it has BMW or specialist service history, specifically had the oil changes and coolant changes on time. over 100k pay special attention to the cooling system in general, some people swap the radiators and thermostats out at this time depending on condition. also the autobox can cause trouble upwards of 100k as bmw advise it is a sealed for life unit. the engines themselves if looked after will be good for many miles.
  11. E46 M3 vs Audi S4 B6

    thank you everyone for their time and opinions. especially to scotty & gizze (are you on the bmw forum by the way?). there are valid points on all sides of the argument. the m3 is now in a stereotypical sense a chav car as they can be picked up for 10 grand. and the knuckledraggers are in them, but that doesn't bother me. i need to get and drive an s4 as has been said to see if it suits me or not. i am not a good enough driver to formulate advanced opinions on understeering, washing out and things of that ilk. i will know which feels right and make the decision based on those factors. thanks all.
  12. E46 M3 vs Audi S4 B6

    thank you everyone for your replies, it was great reading all of them. some of the points you raised i had written about in my first post which i lost when my browser crashed. thank you for the welcome rottenbend, i had seen in your car history s4 ownership so i was hoping you would reply with your views. i hope the 540 is treating you well? the s4 vs the m3 round the track on top gear video. i had watched it prior to posting and it confirmed all my suspicions; there is not a world of difference between the two cars in a drag or on the track. i would consider myself a good driver, but no expert by any means. i do not do heal and toe (see below), or other such things. but i do enjoy a good spirited drive every now and then. in the real world most of the time will be light commuting, going to tesco, stuff like that. bmw's have made me lazy, specifically the auto gearbox. i am going to get murdered on here for writing this, but one of the pros of the M3 for me is the fact you can get an SMG and stick it in auto. from my reading i know that when "pressing on" one would certainly get a better response from a manual gearbox, but having driven my friends m3 a few times that clutch in town would do my nut in. on/off. i don't actually rag it that much, why am i considering two 20 mpg sporty motors then? because i know that when i have to overtake i can do it quickly and safely and enjoy the engine when the road permits. the engine note of the s4 is the big win for me. that v8 with the miltek sounds spectacular. if the car doesn't have the miltek that adds another circa £1000 to the purchase price however! i sat in my neighbours b7 s4 at the weekend and we went for a brief spin. the interior is screwed together better than the bmw, and the bmw is no shed. but it just felt so utilitarian like a surgeons office. the seats were nice, but nothing between them and the m3 for me. i like the practicality of the 4 door saloon, that is one of the reasons i love my old 5 series barges. i can chuck stuff in the back from wickes, shirts, mates, no problem. i didn't get a chance to listen to the stereo. i know the bmw with the hk sound system is reasonable for my demands. i enjoy listening to music in the car when i'm driving around so that is another very important feature for me. is the audi bose system similar, or better? from the posts you have all written it seems like the m3 would be the better choice. all told i think i would have to spend a couple more grand on getting the right s4, and then i have to take the exhaust into consideration. i really need to drive them back to back and spend more time in an s4 saloon. are there any members near high wycombe that would consider taking me for a spin in theirs? i don't like wasting dealers time and pretending i am interested in their overpriced car and then have to listen to all their speil when i am trying to form my own opinion.
  13. E46 M3 vs Audi S4 B6

    evening everyone, i had written a nice post then when i hit submit my browser died, gutted. so this one will be considerably briefer which is probably for the benefit of you all. i am a bmw nut. the last 10 cars have been a variety of e39s and e46s. 330 coupes, 540s, 525s, sports, se's, i've had the lot. 6 cylinder bmw engines, rear wheel drive, decent interiors and cheap motoring. i have built up my knowledge on the common faults, vanos problems, fault codes and so on from lurking the bmw forums over the past few years. now we have my biased views out the way here is my predicament. i am finally in a position where i can buy my dream car - the e46 m3. my budget is around £10k. prices have been hit on second hand cars in the last few months and i expect them to keep diving given the economic state & christmas being on the way. £10K gets you a clean 2002-3 60k m3 with the HK sound system (must have, i don't really care about the other options like TV, heated seats or whatever). i've driven my friends m3 on a few occasions, and have owned a few 330s so i know what to expect when it comes to ownership & the testdrive. the issue i have is another mate recommended me the b6 s4. having owned an e39 540 before the idea of an even more powerful v8 with 4 wheel drive appeals a lot. in some ways i like the understaded looks vs the in your face m3. but then part of me thinks "f**k it" i'm dropping 10k on a car, i want it to look special. the problem i have with the audi is i know bugger all about them, nothing. common faults, options, stuff like that. the insurance is cheaper on the s4, probably they get nicked less and put backwards into hedges (explains the huge numbers of cat d m3's on the market). but no doubt the fuel bills are higher. i only do 4000 miles a year so they would cancel each other out. i would welcome opinions here on audi s4 nuts and those that have owned both cars. what is the audi all about? i heard they are more bumpy than the bmw generally? but the m3 is quite a crashy ride in my opinion. thanks all.