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  1. No display on Digital Odometer and can't start?

    Ran shortcut str8 to the fuel pump inside tank - works OK fuse is OK but not output not on input - Relay at back of fuse box - seems this does not click on live test - going to get another fuel pump relay and test - the shortcut inside relay now let car start>>>!!!!
  2. anyone ever come across this? ON Polo Injection seems that the fuel not gettin to engine Not firing up?! Could be Fuel pump or Injector problem>>>>> HELP PLEASE Thanks
  3. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    Got the manaul and Ran through checks>> No display on Digital odometer>>>??????? seems some electrical fault - anyone ever come across this? 1) HT leads - sprayed WD40 checked for breakage - all good! 2) all connections - OK Deffo fuel not reaching engine to inject - checked distributor cap seems OK - how do i check Carbon brush and rotor arm - would this be poss cause of no start>>?
  4. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    cheers lads! its a R 98 - 1.6i - think there is a dodgy spark plug lead but if there are 4 - It only uses 1 to ignite which sparks others? - gonna earth and check anyway! Is it only one specific lead No' that ignites? What could be the fuel pump prob? what kind of noises? It actually sounds OK just not starting>>> where is the earch strap located? thanks
  5. Wheel Size?

    hey - I actually seen one Polo with 18's don't think he moved much after puttin em on but his plate was ON18S! You can get 17's seen a few now but arches mega cut or Rolled, when doin full turn it can be felt - I got some deep dish 15's but still can feel the arches touchin on full lock! The 16's seem a good idea BUT will i still need to roll arches for 16's?? would spacers help? Can cost a bit for the lowering kit and arch roll any one had this done?? how much you pay and where? UV in leicester do it but a bit pricey!!
  6. help please only just sorted last prob with thermostat now can't start!? Just had a service so can't believe this> I can turn key it makes the usual sounds but does not ignite or fire up - checked spark plug leads seem OK - NOT sure what else i can check before spending money again?! Please can someone advise? Thanks
  7. HELP Overheating?

    HELP, Got a suped UP POLO all BLK debaged the wrx may have been seen round W.mids> me thinks i just blw the HeadGasKit?! Had overhaeting probs fan wld not kick in anyone else had simlar probs? thanks