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  1. What's happened to the Website

    The owner likes to rename it/move it frequently so that all the links are constantly broken. :-) I actually bought my RNS-E from the owner of that web board!
  2. anybody seen s8 with d3 s8 alloys

    They look too big for the A4, somebody recently posted them on a D2.....if I got another set of wheels, they would be 19 x 8.5 et 30 or 35 Why in the world is the tire size metric, but wheel sizes are in inches? Never figured that one out.
  3. anybody seen s8 with d3 s8 alloys

    I haven't seen anything that I like more than my Avus....but these are nice, privat Neitz: If I wasn't doing so much home remodeling, I could afford a second set of wheels/tires!
  4. My 98 S8 won't start

    I posted a relatively detailed troubleshooting procedure from your relay panel on audiworld and send you the wiring diagrams. Good luck.
  5. My 98 S8 won't start

    I posted a picture on audiworld to your thread. I would bet 2:1 that this is your problem.
  6. Intermittant pad wear indicator.

    I would just short it out behind the instrument cluster. audipages Front Brake Pad Warning Light Fix
  7. You can clean up the chrome.....but I'm not quite like you, I make more of a mess than when I started. If you had a microfiber cloth, I would just polish it. It doesn't come off, but you can scratch it or leave paw prints on it very easily.
  8. If you do replace's not for the easy have to separate it from the housing....each side has a non hardening cement in there. You would need a little extra for the new units because some would stick on the old pieces. Pictures and procedure here: audipages A8 Clear Corner Markers - Facelift
  9. Are they plastic or glass? If they are plastic, you can shine them up: audipages A8 Headlight Polishing - Facelift
  10. Poll - Lumbar Support in Rear

    I've never seen an A8/S8 that made it to the states WITHOUT the lunbar support/electric headrests. Almost all of them had heated seats. However, for the S8's that made it to the states, we did an unscientific pole a few weeks ago, and it was determined that NOBODY's front lumbar support bag would stay inflated. It inflates, then just deflates. We had somebody contacting Recaro, but they really don't want to play. I'm sure it's just a valve leaking by.
  11. The Master is back!

    Sven: Hope all is well, tried to send you an email the other day, but it bounced.... pw
  12. A8/S8 Roll Call

    1. Gninnam - 2000 4.2QS 2. IT_S8 - 2002 S8 and 2000 A8 4.2 Quattro 3. AndrewG - 1995 A8 4.2 Quattro 4. Ska - 2.8 30V A8 5. LostKiwi - 1995 A8 4.2 Quattro Sport 6. JUGGA - 1996 A8 4.2 Quattro Sport 7. Gibbo37 - 2004 A8 3.0 Multitronic 8. Botang - 1996 A8 4.2 Quattro Sport 9. Botang/Tobes49 - 1996 A8 4.2 Quattro Track Spec 10. Craigyb - 2007 4.2Tdi Quattro SE (SWB) 11. Msey - 1997 4.2. Quattro Sport 12. treetotreef - 1998 S8 13. PaulW - 2001 S8
  13. Newbie questions about supercharger

    If you guys really wanted some power....somebody on the D2 forum on audiworld recently put NOS in his S8, I can't remember if it's wet or dry...but he put it upsteam of the air was a nice install. The supercharger thing would be very hard to work out the details with the ECM in my opinion.
  14. Gearbox fault in reverse

    Your clutch F seal blew out, you are in for a rebuild, no doubt about it. AudiWorld Forums: I can drive my car again with the shifter in D!!!
  15. Oil in coolant!

    Look at and check out the engine oil cooler replacement procedure. It could be coming from the plastic pipes.