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  1. Forums & Max Power sorts

    What brakes are you silly peoples talking of? Most of these forums I've seen or visited only talk of their 'breaks'. Not at great length though.
  2. The new steed..

    I know you were referring to Mook. Tart is not just what comes to mind when it comes to him. Perv....maybe. You may be right though. Definitely appears like he's on heat or something.
  3. 530i vs 535d

    I've known you a while on here NNMM. Are you really okay? I've never really believed in meriods until now.
  4. The new steed..

    Tart....Are you kidding me?
  5. 530i vs 535d

    Queue.... What is this devils fuel you speak of??
  6. The new steed..

    With you beside me Mook, course I can
  7. 530i vs 535d

    Give the guy a break man You can tell from his prose, English is probably not his first language
  8. Tada!!

    Hi CJ, Thanks for the compliments. You have one yourself so I don't have to preach to you how good this car is (in my opinion of course) As for the adaptive, I never had it before, neither have I ever been in one that has, so in effect can't miss what I've never had or experienced before. That is not to say though that if I did ever get to go in one that had, I can't be swayed. Maybe if I get to experience it, then I might regret not speccing it The MPE, as much as I'd like to, I know I'll never buy simply because I've always kept my cars standard and also think what BMW have provided is loud enough for me and my neighbours. I've already been told they know it's me when I'm up the road of where I live. I don't begrudge anyone that wants to though. If they came as standard, I'd also gladly take it.
  9. The new steed..

    You are right Max. I only drive in comfort. Fortunately this time I've ventured in to sport mode a couple of times I only got past the bedding in mileage just before I left on holiday so have only 'thrashed' her once. Think current mileage is about 1280 so.... First impressions. Suspension is better, Not as skittish as the pre-lci Pulls better than the N55 to the red line. You can feel the power is more linear. Sound is a little subdued. Think the previous model was louder. Steering feel is better. So in summary. Better but not by mind blowingly much.
  10. The new steed..

    Whoop whoop. Fantastic colour that red. That makes two of us on here now CJ. Got mine about two months ago.
  11. BMW M2

    Was actually going to ask you how you got on with it Arch since you mentioned you were going to have a play and also what you think of it?
  12. Tada!!

    Normally it would take me about 3 months to do 1200 miles which is the break in mileage figure. Luckily I did it in 2. I'd reached that figure about a week ago but didn't get a chance till very early this morning today to open her up. What a buzz! Christ on a bike! This thing imo is scarily quick with crazy pulling to the red line, responsive and maybe because it's a rwd gives more feedback than all the 4wd Audis/VW's I've had in the past. I could feel it's twitches and intent well enough to be able to be in full control throughout and knew when it was on its limits. I over took a car that was doodling at about 40 on a NSL and was past it in seconds! As I went past, I went to myself...What?!? I'm no Ayrton Senna, drive quite sensibly (Never had 1 point in over 20 years of driving) but am pretty capable to a point. I have to admit that after today, I probably won't go as quick/mad as I did today ever again. I deliberately left extremely early around 4am to give it a try but my oh my, this thing for me is more than enough to the point of being scary if you just let rip. My heart was thumping when I got to my destination with an extremely wide grin to boot. All I could mutter to myself at that point was wow! By the way, the journey I did normally takes about 45 - 50 mins under normal circumstances with fairly light traffic. I did it in 33 mins I'll try and do a more detailed review sometime in the future.
  13. Morgans on Motors TV - my little film

    I like it but I have just one minor criticism. Mainly my observation so don't take this the wrong way. Your dialogue sounds to me so obviously dubbed over the movie clip. Its not blending in properly with the movie itself. Must be my sensitive ears but quite noticeable to me.
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    I'm completely off Audis now due to their blandness. I remember seeing Daz's S3 back in the day and thinking. I want one. Not so much now. Of the current crop of Audis, I can only think of two I probably might consider. An RS6 in red or an R8 V10 Oh and whats with the Audi front grilles? They look like well worn George Foreman grills.
  15. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Baffling!! Do those rear tyres really warrant that difference in price from the fronts? That's insane!!