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  1. Sealed white iphone 5 16gb on EE

    Yup, was going to do that, but thought id get more for not breaking the seal. Worst case might just have to
  2. Sealed white iphone 5 16gb on EE

    LOL random. Ive found a bit more info and apperently if its on EE it could potentially work on Orange, also it can be unlocked for £15.32 if your on EE. Doesnt help now that im on 3. Also ive have £400 in it so trying to recoup as much as i can. Ive had an offer of £370 so if i dont get any better then that i might go for it. Thanks chaps.
  3. Sealed white iphone 5 16gb on EE

    I havent got it done for two reasons, firstly it costs around £40 to do and secondly i would have to break the seal to do it.
  4. Sealed white iphone 5 16gb on EE

    Lol. I guess i can appreciate that. More of a ford nut so usually on them forums. Erm i know people personally on here. Maybe they can vouch for me?? If someone was interested theyd be more than welcome to come to my home, i would also provide ID, but guess your right about sending money blindly.
  5. Brand new and still sealed iPhone 5 16gb in white on the EE (t-mobile) network for £400. Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.
  6. Newbie: Car History, Saying Hi

    welcome to the forum matey. Youve actually had all the cars ive either owned or wanted. Still crying about my mk1 FRS ive just sold, loved it. Well jealous about the cossie though, something thats still on my list. Your right about the ford section, do need one.
  7. Wanting an E46 M3, might even consider a tidy E36. Just pitching to any TSN people out there Audi : Audi A4 2.0 TDi 55 Plate 83k FSH 140 bhp S Line
  8. E46 M3 Wanted

    Yup, im after one :D. Some tidy ones come up on the m3 cutters forum.
  9. E46 M3 Wanted

    Maybe he thought he could make a quick raise, considering you can get a decent E46 for 7-9k.
  10. Passat 02 1.9 tdi - Turbo out of puff

    i will try that in the morning. Now the fun part trying to locate the temp sensor.
  11. Passat 02 1.9 tdi - Turbo out of puff

    Saved hundreds. Ok got one more issue, the temp guage doesnt worn.goes to 90 then drops to bottom like the car is switched off. Anyone get that?
  12. E46 M3 Wanted

    7 odd years to find a car. pretty promt that
  13. Passat 02 1.9 tdi - Turbo out of puff

    typically ive had another issue with it and that was upon turning the steering while going less then 1500 rpm there was a chirping upon turning. Thinking it was the power steering pump or belt i did a google search and turned out to be the alternator pulley. Has some sort of weird clutch mechanism. How weird but has sorted that problem too.. So glad i didnt have to cough-up any big monies, pulley only cost £25 and fitting another £30 and were cooking on gas. My luck to get all the common issues.
  14. Passat 02 1.9 tdi - Turbo out of puff

    Thanks again chaps +++ Still working like a charm. i was going to do a 'how-to' but doing it at 11 in the evening i couldnt get any pics. If it does run out of puff again i know what needs changing.