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  1. Lime Green TT-RS, anyone?

    You never know but given the forcasts for the economy over the next few years my plans for the RS may have to be put on hold. Would quite like to see this one in solar orange :-)
  2. Recommend an offline android map app

    Thanks chaps have an old Garmin and whilst it's OK and new maps bought last year it's beginning to look its age so thought I'd put my cheap little hudl2 to good use. Getting used to the big 12" screen on the TT is the problem :-) Will give them a test drive to see...also just got hold of co pilot which I've heard good things about.
  3. So I've looked at a few paid for and not but any real world experience? Doing a driving holiday next week through France and Italy so obviously talking western Europe.
  4. mk3 TT-S

    lol aye I've done my TTRS thing and point to point its a seriously fast car for the money. The car managed (with me at the wheel using a manual box) a 12.3 second 1/4 mile time. Same car with Stronic easily takes 0.8 seconds off that. I miss it to a degree but the new TT is a lot better than the old car in most areas if I'm honest, just not outright pace in a straight line.
  5. mk3 TT-S

    So thought I'd dust down this section and post a few thoughts and pics after almost a month of ownership. Looks: I like the new more aggressive looks combined with a colour I've always wanted to try (Sepang blue). Practicality: Its a TT.....ok so more practical than say, a cayman but back seats are still waste of space. Boot is ok and a little bigger than the mark 2. Plenty of space up front of course and seating position very good. Driving: Much better than mark2. Almost a drivers car - ok maybe not but if you've tried the golf R or S3 then this is a slight improvement on those given a slightly better weight distribution. Feels nimbler and turn in surprisingly good. Cornering gives some feel as opposed to none! Very grippy as you'd expect. Coming from a stage1 manual TTRS this car was never going to have the same drama, noise and outright pace but the 6 speed Stronic does make the most of the power unit and you never know I could get round to a remap.... Cabin: Wow. I didn't tick all the boxes for what is a fairly expensive outlay these days but technology pack, comfort pack taken to give a very modern feel to the new TT. The seats are great and the whole feel of the cabin is very good. If you want anything better than this then you may have to spend closer to twice the asking price IMO. No question for me that this is a great daily driver just a shame its so damn expensive. I did manage to get a bit off the car but it was a bitter pill to swallow given this is an MQB based car. Saying that it is for me the best of the MQB cars so I guess this is why Audi have pitched it where they have. God forbid what they will charge for the RS version - 50k+ before you even start to add stuff on??
  6. A new TT

    Mrme is the bringing the war on chav. He is the anti-chav.
  7. A new TT

    Always one! edit: mmmm cant get quoting to work. Isn't like the good old days!
  8. A new TT

    haha I was there when they took the video
  9. A new TT

  10. A new TT

    Old habits / stereotypes die hard Tosh Just sold on the RS (this morning!) which I will miss and awaiting new TTS for hopefully next week. New TT is the best dressed MQB based car IMO but what do I know?
  11. Fly and drive to the states?

    Thinking about doing the fly and drive thing in the USA next year to celebrate a landmark birthday! Any suggestions - Ideally I'd like to keep the costs sensible but want a decent car. I'm not sure about the route 66 thing but I would certainly consider if its not too much like hard work. As I say suggestions / experiences most welcome. I need to make up my mind!
  12. To answer your points in turn: 1) My point of view yes - I'm thouroughly enjoying playing this since the pretty average prologue. This feels a bit like GT3 to me rather than also the rather disappointing GT4 on the PS2. However saying that I think you should complain to the council 2) I agree - the dancing girls haven't even turned up on my doorstep yet. 3) Personally speaking I've nothing against moving shadows - however it does make it hard to lurk in there if they keep bloody moving.
  13. Sad git that I am - the first car I bought was a TTS in solar orange and managed to tune it to just under 450bhp with racing soft tyres. Took in online thinking I would beat the world and the GT cars left me for dead after I initially went ahead in the first few metres
  14. Are Banks good or Bad?

    Chav - never said banks were saints - I've picked up this thread because people in here started complaining about systems that have been put in place to protect Bank and customer cash. As has been intimated banks are being treated like utility services such as telephone, water, gas etc and when the service isn't as expected then the hammer comes out again. I'm not going to win any argument here and I realise this but I can assure you everyone felt the pain of the financial crisis - I personally suffered big losses. TBH probably shouldnt have said anything but then thats my nature - I'll leave you guys to get on with it!
  15. Are Banks good or Bad?

    Sorry Chris but I'm trying to provide a balanced argument. I'm making a point - my personal circumstances shouldn't have anything to do with this. If you don't want to use a bank then don't nobody is forcing you - put all your money under the mattress!