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    My parents have an amazing child!, The older I get the less I care what other people think!, i hate
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  1. 18 inch tyre choice

    go with michelins , i have drivin on alot of tyres on my gti,s , they are hard to beat for wear control and feedback , they not be best for out right grip but are better package overall , for pure grip yokahamas but wear quick , goodyear f1, are poor on front wheele drive car dont live up to the hype .
  2. rs4 alloy wheeles

    does anyone know if replica rs4 alloy rims will fit on mk5 gti without any issues , they are 18 inch by 8j with an offset of 33 , running on 225 by 40 tyres , the car is on standard suspension (not lowered) , i had them on a previous car passat b5 with no issues and want to put them on the gti