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  1. Pics of my New Ed30

    Hi Mate Im from Rhondda Valleys bought from Capitol cos they gave me great deal on ED30, previously owned a Mk4 R32 - so im missing the sound of the V6 but not the frequent trips to Petrol station - it was a Great Car though. James did a good job on mine - but black it pig to keep clean
  2. Passing the 1000mile mark

    well ive taken your advice on board and started using the full rev range yesterday - the car really flies after 4500rpm Im very happy with the performance, in comparison with my Mk4 R32
  3. Passing the 1000mile mark

    well ive had my car just over a month now and im very happy with my purchase - even if black looks dirty just few hours after washing it lol my cars fast approaching pass the 1000mile barrier up to know ive taken the car to only 3500rpm, can i start using the full rev range once ive passed 1000miles? cheers
  4. Pics of my New Ed30

    hi mate colour is Diamond black car had 3 coats of Victoria wax applied - very happy with the finish but with black it doesnt stay clean for long :-)
  5. Pics of my New Ed30

    thanks guys for the constructive comments Im looking forward to many miles of happy motoring in it!
  6. Pics of my New Ed30

    Hi Just wanted to post some pics of my new car - picked it up monday from Capitol VW, Merthyr Car was detailed by James who works for them over the weekend in his spare time - who did a fantastic job! Also big thanks to Matt Jones(Sales) who did me a great deal on the ED30, and i rang loads of Dealers for their best price - so anyone looking give for New Ed30/Gti give him a Call - just say Barrie gave you his name - i'm sure hell do you a great Deal Very Happy with the car coming from a Mk4 R32 - i do miss the Growl of the R but i think the ED30 will prove a worthy replacement. Just got to run it in now before able to enjoy it fully
  7. New ED30 owner

    cheers for the info golfgirl im dreading the running in period - i dont do much mileage - so im going to be driving like a nun for 2 months!! cant wait to get the car now - anyone know how long it takes to get from dockside germany to the dealers - ive been told to expect about 3-4 weeks before i can get my hands on the keys
  8. purchasing new car

    Hi guys Ive bought a new Golf Edition 30 - awaiting delivery Im bit anxious regarding them preping the car for collection - not sure how good the dealer's valeting is anyone got advice for new car purchase - what exactly they do? cheers
  9. New ED30 owner

    cheers for the info guys I like the retro look of the Ed30 interior - i know its not to everyone's tastes but i really like it. Im looking forward to the summer weather without Full Leather seats :-) How you finding a Black car, does it seem to get dirty quickly? How does an ED30 compare in performance terms to a remapped GTI - similar? the wait is killing me already
  10. New ED30 owner

    hi Golfgirl How you finding the change to ED30, in terms of performance? im worried im going to miss the character of the Mk4 R32 esp the sound cheers
  11. New ED30 owner

    went for 3door black, with rear tints and ipod in armrest - choice was limited as you cant order from factory now but im very happy with spec and price yes was lucky to sell mine private - so got much better deal - when haggling with stealers good luck with yours - i found pistonheads good for selling my car
  12. New ED30 owner

    Well after 4 very happy years with my Mk4R32, its been sold and ive just ordered a ED30 today. Just got to wait now to be shipped from dockside in Germany to my Local Dealers. Looking forward to getting the keys
  13. Hi Im after advice/views My dad had minor accident in Aug 06, no damage to his car and small mark on the other car - both at fault. The other person reported accident to his insurer - both insurance companies fought over the claim and eventually claim was off listed. so no payout to either party, never insurance company pursued When hes come to renew his insurance this year - company are saying that this accident even though no claim is still on his record and he has to declare and its roughly costing him £200 extra on his policy each year. Does he have a good case to fight this accident in 2006? which he's seemingly being unfairly penalised for? any help appreciated? thanks
  14. Mk IV R32 Value?

    looking on Autotrader Private sales similar spec to mine seem to be between £13k-£14K but not sure if these are selling and garages seem to be asking £15k. Im looking at Leon FR Tdi 170, Golf GT Sport 170 and A3 Sline, which seem to do 40mpg compared to mines 22mpg.
  15. Mk IV R32 Value?

    Hi Looking at changing my car for sensible diesel after four years of Happy Ownership. Whats realistic price for my 3 door Deep Pearl Blue 2003 53 Plate, 32K miles, 2 Owners, Options include Full leather, Sunroof and cruise. Valuation for Part Ex and Private sale? if i try for private sale - whats best place Auto Trader? thanks