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  1. Used car finance with balloon payments

    Fellow TSNer Gareth might be able to assist on this one with his company Bespoke Automotive Consulting.
  2. Bodyshop near Milton Keynes

    I get the impression you wouldn't even let Wayside paint your garden shed?!
  3. spit and polish

    Don't forget a post it note with the mileage on the dash when you drop it off.
  4. Just bought an A3 3.2 and regretting it......

    Good point, the gearbox being right back between you and your passenger and the engine under the windscreen is a bit weird, but I guess gives the nice handling balance. As much as I love Audis, you will never be able to make an A3 TDi dance as nicely as a 120d
  5. Cars you love, but wouldn't buy...

    Hamster is not going to buy one of those, surely?
  6. Very nice. All you need now is new centre caps!
  7. 4WD alignment question?

    I had the same problem on my A8 (2000), i was advised by a specialist company that the car is set up with negative camber and there was no adjustment; great for track days but not much good for general use. Random quote of the day award goes to..........
  8. I need new tyres

    Slines like JPullens and yours run on 235/40 18s though? :confused:
  9. New member: A3 8P

    Nicely upgraded rims and rear bumper.
  10. Cars you love, but wouldn't buy...

    Nah, these are meant to be pretty strong. However, finding a genuine straight cherished example is getting harder and harder - after all they ended production in around 95?
  11. 4WD alignment question?

    Glyn as as in RS246 Glyn with the Polar RS2?
  12. Probably just 4wd meaning very little wheelspin and a massively tall first gear.
  13. registration for sale R32 XXX

    Mook, didn't you used to have a fantastic plate - a PROPER private plate? Did you sell in the end, and if so what did you get for it if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Dead car manufacturers...

    Yeah, I was only reading something the other day about AC having a recent change for the better, with a forthcoming lightweight 'classic' model being launched. Time will tell I guess - I mean we'll see if it actually happens. There was also a rumour that they had bought the rights to the shelved Mercedes-Benz Smart Roadster and it would be re-engineered and rebranded as an AC.
  15. Screw you and your boyfriend

    Random indeed..... but it actually made me laugh out loud!