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  1. Audi not interested in speed related issue

    In reply to Cuprabob, I replaced my tyres @ 29500 they were almost on the wear bars, the Noise was noticeably different I had suffered the wheel bearing like drone but new tyres cured that problem. The wobble however was still present. To cut a long story short, I sold the car. Bye bye TTS, hello BMWZ4
  2. Just been playing on the VW configurator speccing up a GTI Have noticed the introduction of some tasty new alloys (about time imho) They are called Glendale 19" 2 tone grey rims with 5 black spokes £1005! but cheaper on the GTI 35 (£575) When I come to the sunroof option, a box pops up saying "not in conjunction with Glendale alloys" WHY?
  3. Audi not interested in speed related issue

    No it's absolutely standard & in warranty (though wheel balance issues are only covered for the first few thousand miles)
  4. I've posted elsewhere about my problems with Steering wheel shake above 80 mph, Having been told by my dealer "its down to your wheels & tyres" I've now had the wheels balanced 4 times & swapped fronts to rear it but still drives the same. I decided to contact Audi Customer services. They replied that due to the fact that the fault occurs above the speed they (the dealers) are legally allowed to test the vehicle, they are totally unable to help me any further with the problem. Has anyone else been fed this line? Other than fork out £700 on 4 new tyre or £450 a corner on new wheels, I don't know what to do next.