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  1. Annual A8/S8 Meet

    i dont expect it to be easy the way i want it but hey ho nothing ever is, but it will be worth it
  2. What age range are A8/S8 drivers ? post up

    oh my god really !! i have a daytona 900 and 675 the 675 is a 2008 and the 900 is 1997 the 675 is an amazing bike it rides like a 2stroke and has a hell of a power band its so light i find the 900 too heavy now after riding the 675
  3. Im vinyl wraping my car next week !! need some more bits

    haha fair play i have to agree though
  4. Annual A8/S8 Meet

    yes indeed one must learn form anothers mistakes and adapt accordingly, next thing in the pipe line will be a set of of..... QTP Dual 2.5" Electric Exhaust Valve & SS Cutouts | eBay UK but what i would like to do is have the standard system modified underneath running all the time and then at the flick of a loud switch have it run through the quads lot of scratching of the head to do first but sure it will be worth it
  5. auto headlight problem on low beam

    haha fair play to him i never took any pictures of my own car ! how stupid i was too busy admiring other peoples cars i forgot about my own but yes im sure a galaxy is no stretch
  6. Annual A8/S8 Meet

    wow i love them brakes they are amazing
  7. auto headlight problem on low beam

    yea they are xenon projection lights and when i turn them on the lights go up then down and self adjust then when driving main beam seems fine but the dipped seems to be quite low, ether that or im going more blind than what i am already lol but yes there is a cap on the head light when you open the bonnet with a plastic x head screw for adjustment i will have a tweek when its dark with lights on up against a wall to see if it rises it up a tad,
  8. auto headlight problem on low beam

    ah i see thank you very much i shall investigate and see if i can do it,
  9. auto headlight problem on low beam

    my dipped beam seems to be very low and cant see much on the road when i dimm the lights how to i fix that if they are all automatic ? many thanks :confused:
  10. Annual A8/S8 Meet

    hi all was very nice too meet you all, your all a very welcoming bunch and i will be joining the trip to the ring hear are a few pictures they are not great as it was off my phone, i cant get over them discs that were on that s8 cant rememeber whos it was i took a picture but it dose not do them justice, also i would love to find out more about a remap after driving a standard S8 and then getting into a well mapped one the response difference was amazing, when i looked at the figures online and seen that it was only adding 25bhp and 50nm i thought it was a bit steep for 400££££ but its not the power thats the main difference its the way it changes how it manages the power, also im working on getting a set of butterfly valves made up for the quad system on an electronic button and yes mike it will have LOUD on it of course i will up date when the ball is in motion :-) i love them discs !! im thinking of getting porsch big reds 4pots how well do they mate up to the a8 ?
  11. Annual A8/S8 Meet

    gutted that i could not stay today but working sadly or id love to join yesterday was fun i have a few pictures to post up but not sure if every one wants there numberplate blocking out first ?????
  12. Annual A8/S8 Meet

    can some one please tell me where the meet will be held tomorrow and a post code would be good for the sat nav thanks
  13. What age range are A8/S8 drivers ? post up

    haha yes when i fill up its £130 thats because by me its 1.41 a liter, thats just 95 if i put 99 in wow you need more than a credit card and over draghft, will be nice to see you at the meet tomorrow if your coming
  14. Im vinyl wraping my car next week !! need some more bits

    lol yes its coming along nicely few more bits to do, im still waiting for the clear coat to set properly so all the fine bits that are there can be buffed out another day of hot sunshine and im sure that will do the trick