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  1. Can anybody recommend a good UPS?

    Thanks guys, I was also thinking APC as they seem to be the leaders, if anyone has a particular model they've used I would like to hear from you.. Thanks Alex
  2. Auris SR: The Final Detailed Pics

    The KAIO, EGP and Trim Restorer, all great products but with all the new names available they're now the forgotten heros. Still do the job well. Alex
  3. Morning all, I'm after a decent UPS to run our office equipment from. Nothing big, just need to run a server, a couple of PCs, couple of printers and a fax machine. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Cheers Alex
  4. Baby Porsche Boxster confirmed

    Why would you want to make a Boxter even smaller, they're not exactly a big car to start with??
  5. Small Camera Needed

    This one is the absolute nuts, a friend was demonstrating it to me today, very impressed, especially the HD Movie capture. Canon Digital IXUS 990 IS Digital Compact Camera - Canon UK And small enough to fit into your pocket, the jammy git bought his from the USA for £150.00 Alex
  6. VW Specialist near Isleworth

    I know of a good one in South Harrow which isn't too far from Isleworth. Laszlo Continental - 0208 4233663 - Specialists in all VAG cars.
  7. Auris SR: The Final Detailed Pics

    Looks good Geoff, an interesting choice of products, definitely did the job. Alex
  8. New pads!

    Geoff, You'll find the 203s has a little more kick than the 106, a good mid-range polish that you can finish down with. In many cases it does save time as you can gain the perfect LSP ready finish and correct in one hit. Pad choice is also important to get the best from it though. Alex
  9. GTI on Vredestein Wintrac Extremes

    I don't have them, just did a price comparison, but they do sound like a worthwhile investment. I might get a set for my original Audi wheels which I can use for the winter months.
  10. GTI on Vredestein Wintrac Extremes

    Not a bad price considering they are £143 each from mytyres just supplied. Alex
  11. help with tyres

    What he said, I wouldn't go too cheap as a set of "****ang Ditch-finders" are a false economy... Try and stick to a recognised name.
  12. Who is washing in the snow?!

    If you're thinking of going down that route then you're better off going to the local handwash, they'll do less damage to your paint than the swirl-o-matic conveyor wash will...
  13. Cam Belt Change in South East England

    If anyone is near Hemel Hempstead I can recommend these guys: The Motorwerks - dealership quality at affordable prices It's owned and run by a good friend of mine and they're specialist in all things German, they also work on other marks. They use original parts, their work is excellent and their prices are very reasonable. They're also based a stones throw away from BJV Engineering who specialise in wheel refurbishing. Ask for Elie and tell him Alex sent you, he'll look after you. Alex
  14. Cleaning windscreens...

    Fast Glass is a great, easy to use glass cleaner. To get the best from it make sure you use a decent quality glass cleaning microfibre (the shorter the pile the better). We also have AG Fast Glass on special at the moment, it's a limited time promotional size so you get 1 litre from the price of a standard 500ml bottle. Alex
  15. Winter tyres maybe worth investing.

    I changed to Toyo Proxes T1Rs on my Audi (225/40/18) and I have to say that the Toyos are suprisingly good in the snow/ice so far Ive not had any major issues with them, they seem to cope well. The F1s I had before wouldn't have been as good in the current conditions, so from me.