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  1. Haircut

    and there i was thinking the punch line would be that he was waiting at the door asking to get a receipt for a hair cut so he could expense it.........
  2. When's the next York Meet?

    I've been a tyresmoke member for ages, but not actually looked far enough down the page to see the "meets" section - so obviously now i'm keen to come along to the next York meet, especially as the weather is getting better. Anyone organising anything? Cheers Stu
  3. PSI Motorsport Plug in Tuning Chip Box (PRIVATE SALE) I have one of the above for sale, having just sold the car that it was in. It comes boxed with full instructions, all jumpers, cables. It's only been used for since March for motorway motoring, and it works exceedingly well. I was getting around 47mpg average from a 2.5v6 tdi and the extra power and torque was definitly noticeable. Upgrade to an RS4, means it's no longer required. I've got the reciept/invoice somewhere as well. E-mail me at shopping@yorkmtb dot co dot uk if you are interested and make me an offer. photos available on request also. Many thanks. PS - I believe the same box is used in all similar engines - but will check this out before advising what its most suitable for.
  4. 80mpg club

    The most I got out of my A4 2.5tdi was about 62mpg on a 60-65mph run of around 100 miles. Was much better after it was chipped. (which is for sale by the way as i've sold the car - My dad doesn't get that much out of his chipped D5 - can you confirm what you've had done to it - rolling road model specific re-map or just a plug in tuning box? I know he'll be annoyed someone is getting more MPG than he is! Thanks.
  5. Advice on RS4 Servicing costs

    Thanks for that! So is it a big one every 40k? So and 80k service would be the big one too? Just trying to justify to my accountant/woman that i should buy one... :-) Cheers Stu
  6. Advice on RS4 Servicing costs

    Can anyone shed some light on how much I can expect to pay for the usual servicing on a 2001 RS4? And also, how often do they normall need servicing? CHeers. Stu
  7. How smart are you?

    some one put me out of my misery - i've got 25/30 and i'm not getting any work done. HELP! need 10,16,22,26,30 to stop myself going bald. Cheers!
  8. Traction Control Problem.

    Right, so driving along, taking it easy, when all of a sudden the traction control light comes on in the dash and stays on. Doesnt flash just comes on and stays on. So naturally, the engine just starts to engine brake and there is no response from the throttle at all. Pull over, switch off, switch back on rev engine, fine for about 20secs, then same again. Switch off, wait couple of minutes, then start up, everything ok. This is after the first time this happened about 3 months ago but this time no recovery. had to get towed to garage and they had a look in the ecu. Reckoned that water was getting into the back of the ECU box, and it had corroded the 8way plug the controls traction control and throttle. after they replaced it, was all ok, until today. (at the time pressing the ESP button did not change anything - but didnt try it this last time) There are 2 similarities - both times it was chucking it down with rain, and had been for a while. Both times the car has had the chip installed This first time it went wrong was after about 20k miles with the chip in, so figured i'd not put the ecu cover back on properly and it had corroded. Asked for the part and it didnt look that bad to me (I do have a masters degree in electronics so kind of know a bit about the electronics) Now this second time, the cars only done about another 5/6K miles since it was fixed by the garage and I know the ECU cover is on fine. Its a 2.5 TDI Manual SE if that makes any difference. So any ideas what could cause this kind of fault...? All diagnostics say its fine... Thanks for reading. Cheers Stu
  9. K&N Air Filters

    Already got the tuning box so sorted there. Was just wondering about the filter. THanks for the input - the ECU comment seems to make sense to me and seems logical. Thanks guys
  10. K&N Air Filters

    hey, Just wondering if anyone here has tried replacing the air filter on their tractor with an after market one. Am looking at replacing mine, as it seems to get replaced every service and i like the idea of a 10yr K&N one - especially if it adds a bit more power too. Got an A4 2.5tdi 2003 and i'm doing lots of miles. Any comments/suggestions? Cheers Stu