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  1. Thanks Scotty It's Birchall's motors Liverpool o151 7088881 John or Stuart Thanks Lizzy
  2. :D Hi just to tell you, i got my rear window replaced without re placing the hood at a would be cost, of £2.000. It cost me £350 for the glass and fitting,at a garage in Liverpool. Am i allowed to put name of garage and number for anyone else before they get ripped off. Thanks LIZZY
  3. Thanks Scotty Think iv'e found someone in Loughbrough who will replace my window, have to ring in the morning. Thanks for pointing me in right direction. I feel as iv'e been around the world and back. Will keep you posted with result. Lizzy+++
  4. The rear glass on my Audi Cabriolet smashed as i put the hood down, as we all know i can't get this replaced without replacing the hood. Does anyone know of any good web sites to go on who does replace just the glass. Ive explored every avenue. appreciate speedy advice. Thanks LIZZY