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  1. Buying Advice

    Thanks for the info on the recall Bison, do you know if this applied to all 4.0L speed 6 engines, or was it sorted by 2001? The car is going to be a second car of sorts. By that I mean it will be replacing the missus's 99' MX5 Sport. Last year hers did about 1100 miles. Some weeks due to our differing shifts it gets driven daily to work (2 miles), some weeks it will only come out at the weekend, and during the summer is when it sees most of ts miles - but still very few for a year. Hence the decision for a Tuscan... For her: it has aircon, leccy windows, convertible, leather trim, posing factor and enough room for some shoe shopping in the boot. And for him: it weighs about as much as a jay cloth has 350bhp to the rear wheels. It should be quite a jump in performace from the 147bhp 1400kg car now. Im thinking of getting us both booked in on an advanced driving/skidpan type thing when we eventually get one. I was going to take a trip to a dealers today and have a good lok round one - I have done before, but not really with the intention of buying so didnt pay that much attention. Im a bit wary of how I would adjust to the pedals for one thing. However the dealers shuts at 2pm and Ive only just got up and its about 5miles away and I dont know the area - think Ill leave it until next weekend. I alo dont want to waste a private sellers time as Im not buying for a couple of months yet. When was the 3.6 introduced? Was this done because of "problems" experienced with it in 4.0L form? Suppose not, as the S is a 4.0L. Im very new to the world of TVR, but so far the servicing costs and insurance (being only 26 his year) have not put me off - the reliability may be an issue, but I can cope with that for the joy of driving a mahine like that in my youth. Ill only regret not doing it sooner if I wait a few more years!
  2. Buying Advice

    Hmmm - suppose its the same old "if its too good to be true" then its probably not. theme. Have to admit the saving does draw me, but also there would be the doubt that its been up for a while, and perhaps being stuck with it is exactly what that owner now is. Also I suppose a 180mph car needs to be pretty straight if its being pushed, and I would only have the owners say so that it was a propper job. So, back to plan A. What should I be looking for for around the £22-£25k mark. Ive heard that I should look to get a 2001 car if possible as they seem to have the more "reliable" engines as they have benifitted from tweaks/fault fixing during the first 12/18 months of the speed six engines life. Also is it best to go for one thats been driven, i.e. not be attracted by low miles as this means there may be some niggles left to come out and bite. Would going for a car with 25/30k on the clock be better as any problems should have reared their heads and been sorted by now. Unfortunatley I dont have the funds to afford a larger budget and in my opinion the Tuscan is the best loking TVR in my price range - so any further guidance would be much appreciated.
  3. Buying Advice

    Over the last few months myself and the missus have decided that we want to do something with our youth (or what remains of it) other than pay off our mortgage. Our decision is to go for a TVR Tuscan. Budget of around 25K tops. Now I know that wont buy a very new Tuscan, but we are looking to buy around July/August time and reckon we may get a 2001 plate for that money. To throw a spanner in the works, Ive found an accident repair Tuscan well within budget. It has all Red Rose conversions (from what I understand, thats a little more power, brakes and 18" wheel upgrades). Now before you have kittens, Im being told it has had a whole new chassis and body. Should I steer well clear or is it worth a look, considering its about 7K less than I am budgeting for. That 7k could come in handy for servicing and any (touch wood, infrequent) repairs. Your views on what action to take would be appreciated. Im very tempted to go for the repaired (cat D) car at the moment. As long as all TVR receipts can be provided for work done.