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  1. Hi All, I did a search before posting this but could not find (easily) any posts on A5 discs and breaks. I took the car in for its service today at an Audi dealer and was told that the front discs and pads need doing and will cost £269. I want to see if I bought the parts and got it fitted elsewhere how the cost would compare with the dealer price so was hoping if anyone can give me the part numbers of the discs and pads or better yet a price for the parts. If it helps I have a A5 1.8T 2009 model Thanks in advance.
  2. I bought this car cover but not even used it more than 5 times. It's black and in very good condition and is customised to fit an Audi A5 2009 model. It also covers the wing mirrors and has 4 securing straps so that it ensures it stays on and not get blown away in windy conditions. It was purchased from Ultimate Finish which the link can be found here and provides a detailed spec of the cover http://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/s...hicleId=264537 The ad says it comes with 2 securing straps so maybe they give fewer now compared to when i bought it. If your A5 is different to 2009 you can contact them to find out if it is still suitable. It comes with a case to store it away in which is compact considering the size of the cover. I purchased it for £290 at the time I bought it and am willing to sell it for £250 ono. ***I can accept collection if you want to save on the postage cost*** ***Please note that I am unsure of the postage cost but can confirm if interested so drop me a message***
  3. Audi A3 8L wheel tool kit

    As this did not sell I am willing to courier it and have now re-listed it. Please ask any questions on ebay. Audi A3 wheel tool kit Thanks
  4. Genuine Audi A3 16inch Alloys

    pcd is 5x100 et is 35 to 45 im not sure of part number but if it helps the wheels came off an A3 year 2000 model (ie W reg)
  5. I have for sale the wheel tool kit for the Audi A3 8L shape that is now on the bay also Audi A3 wheel tool kit Thanks
  6. Hi, Since I have departed with my beloved A3 1.8T 8L model, I have the original 4 alloy wheels that came with the car from new and am now looking to sell them. They are in good condition and have some scuffs but nothing major as can be seen in the pictures from the advert I have put on fleabay. If you are interested then please bid as that is the only way i want to sell these. 4 Genuine Audi A3 Alloys I also have the spare wheel that came with the car where the only thing missing is the centre piece and have put this up for grabs on the bay also Genuine Audi A3 Spare wheel and Tyre If you got any questions post them here or on the bay Thanks
  7. Ive not heard the JL sub but ive got an idea of what i want now Sub - Re SE12 Comps - Rainbow SLC 230 for fronts and leave the rears alone Amp - Directed D2400 hopefully this should be Ok
  8. thanks for all the replies, ive come down to a few options see what you think AMP - directed D2400 (800W RMS) or Alpine MRD M1005 (700W RMS) SUB - Alpine SWR 1522 (750W RMS) or 1222 (500W RMS), Rockford T112D2 (600W RMS) COMPONENTS - Alpine SPS 171A (50W RMS) or SPR 17LS (70W RMS), Rockford P162S (60W RMS), Focal 165 (60W RMS) The RMS i have stated with the amps and subs are at 2 ohms and im leaning towards the rockford sub as its frequency range is 20hz-200hz whereas the Alpines are 22hz-500hz. I want deep bass which is why i prefer the rockford unless you guys think the alpines would be better as it covers more of a frequency range but thats where i thought the components will make up for that range if i opted for the rockford?? The components im really not sure about as ive read that the doors will probably have to be custom built to get a decent sound as they are are made from hardboard. I would like to know what components you guys have used for your Audi A3 (old shape) and if you think putting in coaxials will be better? Bear in mind that i already have a Alpine MRV T505 2 channel amp which i want to use to power the cabin speakers if possible and the HU i have is an Alpine 9833R. Im clueless about all the technical stuff so any advice on my options mentioned above or alternatives would be great to have feedback on
  9. im looking to get a system done for my car and got a quote done from one of the local car audio shops and they suggested that i go with a Directed D2400 amp to drive the subwoofer and the 12" sub would either be a Rockford, Orion or Directed one however im not familiar with these manufacturers so i was wondering if anyone esle has first hand experience with these and what you would recommend and whether these makes are good quality equipment. Also, i was told if i go with a Directed amp i wont need to get to access to it really because i can control the gains from a remote control that i can have in the cabin. Is this true? i had a look on their website but didnt see it mentioned. thanks in advance
  10. where is the audi a3 jacking point!!!

    where the black circles you see that stick out you need to go a little further back than them and jack it up from there. Im sure someone else will tell me if im right or wrong. I found this out too late when i tried jacking up the car from the points where the circles are and unfortunately damaged the car as it caved in just as well i was going to get some side skirts anyway
  11. can anyone photoshop these on a 8L audi A3

    thanks for the pic seaco, black ones would look better i reckon. Dont suppose you got a pic of them anywhere?
  12. can anyone photoshop these on a 8L audi A3

    dont go hating now, each to their own.......
  13. can anyone photoshop these on a 8L audi A3

    true but i like to have a different look..... oh and i forgot to mention i have a black A3 so if anyone can photoshop one on a black a3 that would be great
  14. I was keeping an eye on these TAIL LIGHTS but was wondering what they might actually look like on a 8L A3. Considering my photoshop skills are non existant i was wondering if one of you wizards could possibly knock one up to see what it potentially might look like. Im not too sure what to make of them yet but it is different to the norm ive seen on A3's thanks in advance
  15. I have just listed these on Ebay which will give you more details on the items being sold - happy bidding