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  1. V5 Information - where is it from?

    Ahhh... I see. So when they normally state that the car is 1 of 23,565 - are they going off the VIN or the type that the salesman put down?
  2. I am trying to get to the bottom of what seems to be the wrong model of car listed on my V5. What I want to know is where the information comes from in the first place once the car is initially registered? For example, if the car is listed as A4 SE when the car is actually an A4 (non SE). Who gives the DVLA the info in the first place?
  3. I have a question about how much information a VIN can give you...
  4. Vagcom options

    Flaming hope so - At least I'll know that my car is not knackered! Anyone with a B6 got a seatbelt warning chime?
  5. Have tried today with my VAG-COM to code in some new remotes by following both procedures on Ross-Tech's website. Neither of them work and strangely enough, when I follow the first procedure, it says I have no remotes coded in (code shows zero in controller46/adaption10/). When I follow the second procedure, the measure blocks show '1100' indicating 2 remotes already coded but it will not store any more. The measure block changes when I'm pressing the remote so I know the remote is working (plus it's brand new from Audi!). Any ideas?
  6. Vagcom options

    Can someone with a B6 A4 (preferably the S4) have a look at some codes when you next connect your VAG-COM to your car? I've been out today and changed some codes on my B6 S4. I've added the alarm on chirp, selective unlocking, auto locking at speed and all went well. I also switched on the seatbelt warning on both the drivers and passengers side but it wouldn't keep the code. I then just enabled the drivers seatbelt warning and the code stuck but the feature hasn't enabled. If someone has this feature enabled, can you check what code you have in 17(instrument cluster) under 07(coding). Mine was xxx01 which I changed to xxx41 (code wouldn't stick) then xxx11 (code sticks but feature still disabled). Thanks guys!
  7. Snapped key

    The metal in my flip out key has snapped so I'm needing a new blade cutting. Can I get that done at a locksmiths or is it a dealer only job? I have the blade as it snapped when I was trying to shut it and have glued it back on so that I don't lose it. I'm not going to use it but thought it better to be in one piece for the locksmith!
  8. VAG-Com for sale?

    Before I put it on eBay - would someone be interested in buying my old Vag-Com and tiny laptop that it has the software registered on?
  9. Licenced VAG-COM on Toshiba Libretto

    the cable is this one here> and was bought from It is a dual K-Line lead and it should work on the Audi but please check in the VAG-COM forum to see if anyone with a similar Audi has this type of cable.
  10. I'm selling my serial VAG-COM which has worked perfectly on my R32 (which I no longer have) and thought I'd sell it with the little laptop that I use it with. The VAG-COM is registered and I'm about to put it on ebay but thought I'd try here first. I'm wanting about £70 for the lot. Please PM me with any questions!
  11. R32 Oil burner

    wasn't this floating around last April Fools day? I remember wanting one (just moved over from a PD130) but then thought it was a wind up!!
  12. Insurance time

    my girlfriend used to work for an insurance company and has been peeking over my shoulder whilst i've been reading about insurance. She says to stay away from those 10 month accelerator schemes as once you get some NCB from it, it is only recognised by that same company meaning you have to stay with them. Check with your own as this may have only been limited to her company at the time.
  13. A forum for the boys.....

    your picture sure won't stop them panting Rachel!!
  14. Folding wing mirrors?

    "I'm afraid i can't do that for you Dave" is what my VAG-COM would say if i asked it to roll the windows up to. And if my name was Dave.
  15. trackdays

    Definite YES from me. Funny, i was just telling the girlfriend how i wouldn't mind talking my 32 to a track day, especially as i'm buying a full set of Eagles in the new year! What was that phrase from Pheonix Nights.. oh yeah, "build it and they will come!!"