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  1. after remap

    Sounds like a MAF to me. MPG will settle down after you get used to it, on my TT it went down then up....however on the RS4 it went down and continued on sprialling path to financial ruin (mainly due to track days )
  2. AMD stage 2 reliability

    Actually Milltek themselves pick up the warranty on the exhaust but its not just the exhaust. If the sytem is shown to have 'caused' the fault then they will pay for the repair as well (never happened in 21 years mind). Same applies to AmD, they cover the bits they change (obviously) but also if those bits are shown to have 'caused' any damage then they pick up the responsbility for that too - same with all tuners (although some are a little more tight than others) Specifically for the R32 AmD's stage 3 (as this is what we're talking about here) doens't exceed torque limits on any componant to the driveshaft issue could really apply in the analogy you give, however overall your sentiment is right
  3. AMD stage 2 reliability

    I dont see how that helps, all VW are going to do is say the corp line which is "if its modded and goes wrong and if the mods cause the problem then your warranty won't cover the damage" - the legal fact. Telling them the dealer is selling a modded car second hand wont make a blind bit of diff as it is the dealer that picks up the warranty (if its offered) not VW so they couldn't give a toss. There are literally hundreds of modded R32's and I've no heard of one going bang (regardless of tuner) mainly cos the car really needs tuning to get the best from it, talking to VW won't suddendly get you a "oh of course sir, we'll sort you a special warranty on it" If you're concerned about it, don't by it, asking questions of VW won't get you any nearer to feeling happier.
  4. Nice to catch up again, been few months since I've gone. Usual madmen there as well I see.
  5. AMD stage 2 reliability

    Ring AmD, give them the plate number and they will tell you when it was modded. You'll have the balance of their 12 month warranty on the upgrades.
  6. AMD Have their Golf Mk5 GTi Tuning page up...!

    We did a cheeky little ad in the Independant last week........Golf Mk VI - 250bhp well it made me laugh
  7. trackdays

    What would you like to know.....I run Vauxhalls VXR track events.
  8. Subtle Decals..

    MTM wheels. Stickers look good don't they
  9. AMD Stage 2 Conversion - my results.

    The ECU won't 'learn' from the remap any changes should be instantaneous. Sounds like there maybe a problem (AMM etc) so probably best to let AmD take another look to make sure.
  10. VX220 AmD'd up to the hilt in Beaconsfield

    [ QUOTE ] I'm confused - how do you get extra power from a crossbred fish?? [/ QUOTE ] Short syringe and along run up
  11. VX220 AmD'd up to the hilt in Beaconsfield

    Finally......firt time in god knows how many years on god knows how many forums and I get spotted Not been on TS for a while so missed this thread. I saw you in the R32, noted it was running a straight thru Milltek (hard not to ) but didn't recognise the plate. Don't see many R32's round here (they're all in X5's ) Car? Just got harness's in it as was off to Castle to test em, running even more stupid map now with hybrid turbot and lightened flywheel and around 300bhp (we don't actually know cos it almost spun itself off the rollers whan AmD power tested it)
  12. Another Milltek fitted R32

    [ QUOTE ] I don't wan't to mess up my car, so I went to a VW car specialists' tuning shop. They done the job. They done my fog light and CDA as well. Thorney, does it get louder when the system beds in? I am a little bit surprised with its silense. [/ QUOTE ] Yep will get louder. Most people drive away feeling a bit let down then put couple of hundred miles on the clock and ring up happy as schoolboys
  13. Another Milltek fitted R32

    You'll get the full effect in about 300-400 miles as the system beds in.
  14. engines going bang

    I think you'll find lazy people get what they deserve then.
  15. engines going bang

    Check it out on BM3W....loads of info there. They went through a period where oil issues caused failures, there was a warranty fix and there are few now.