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  1. Mac has a Mac

    If you like keyboard short cuts then Quicksilver is for you
  2. Apple MacBook

    Go for the black one. You get a DVD writer instead of a DVD-ROM with a bigger HD and a faster processor. You can still install and run your Windows apps if you run Boot camp or I run Paralles and Windows boots up faster then my desktop PC!!
  3. website hit counter

  4. External Hard Drive

    ebuyer is doing the WD 500GB for £79.99 inc VAT
  5. Mac users...

    Mine works fine on a MacBoook.
  6. Autosport International

    More photos
  7. Anyone going to the Autosport International at the NEC? Its on from the 11-14th Jan. I'm going friday the 12th.
  8. Ebay Stress...

    How does he know where you live? Did you give out your home address to him?
  9. OBDII + VAG-COM related question

    [ QUOTE ] You need version 311.2. It's the only one that works. The later versions (409.1 & 512.1) don't work with third party (i.e. not bought from ross-tech) interfaces. [/ QUOTE ] Not quite, version 409.1 will work with third party interfaces.
  10. OBDII + VAG-COM related question

    You need to install the USB driver that comes with the interface, then install VAG-COM 409.1 and not the latest version. The latest verson of VAG-COM will only work with the KEY or HEX interface.
  11. Next Essex Meet Thursday 16th Feb

    I'll be there. Not been for ages
  12. Cheap functional diagnostics?

    TSN member get a discount of 5 to 10%. PM me for details.
  13. Hong Kong

    Got my ticket from £399 return on Virgin.
  14. Parts Desk waiting times

    Give a try. Martyn is a very helpful chap.
  15. WANTED - Genuine Vag-com Cable

    [ QUOTE ] My laptop has got both. Is the software that comes with it a full version? What about the X-two? Is that no good for me? [/ QUOTE ] The KEY-USB Plus comes with the full version license. The X-Two will work with your A4 but it does not come with any software. A shareware version is free to download from Ross-Tech's website. Full version cost $99.00