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  1. 17 Plate

    Saw a DB11 on the M3 this afternoon, green with silver roof. Sounds awful but looked pretty classy - also far nicer looking in real life than photos
  2. Evernote Security & Privacy

    Well that's a bit poo. I'm a big user too but I have no idea what I'd replace it with that is so easy to use across so many platforms and devices. That's another thing to add to the Christmas holiday 'to do list' Thanks for sharing
  3. Cheap S1000RR Anyone?

    I bet their sponsor's not impressed. "Tyco Security Prducts"
  4. RS3 - Saloon!

    They really should have called it Select Audi Drive
  5. RS3 - Saloon!

    The problem for me would be that the RS3 is S-Tronic only and it's so much more expensive than the S3. The RS sounds great but I'm not convinced the nicer, more emotive noise would be worth it despite the fact the S3/R sound quite dull. For me the S3 offers the best overall package but don't be fooled by the ability to change the steering weight within the MMI; it's pure marketing drivel and makes zero difference to steering feel in the S3 as it feels shite in all settings.
  6. Discuss.............

    I completely agree NNMM. I was at the Simply Porsche event at Beaulieu Motor Museumm earlier in the summer and one of the trade stands had a couple of woman in skin suits and high heels handing out leaflets. It later transpired that they were taking photos of the models stood next to some of the nicer (*) Porsches and they subsequently published the pictures on their company Twitter feed as marketing. I was particularly pissed off as one of the pictures was of my car with the model posed next to it. It's something I didn't know about and would have never agreed too if asked. It's especially galling as we'd turned up as a family i.e. me, the Mrs and two children aged under 10. We parked near their trade stand and had a picnic so they must have noticed us.g The company in question recently posted a feature on a new employee who they they'd nicknamed Anders because he looked like Anders Breivik the terroist and mass murderer of 77 people. Hilarious Neanderthal, sexist and highly offensive. What impression does it give of the company? What are they thinking? * of course I would say that
  7. Davo Cameron

    No, not at all. But when he's lectured the public about his commitment to public service, the "Big Society" and not being quitters I think it's rather hypocritical to quit before the end of this parliament. It's this duplicity which is the measure of the man.
  8. Davo Cameron

    Indeed. Today just goes to prove what a shallow self-serving tw@t he is.
  9. I recently got a MINI One (petrol) as a runaround and it's a cracking little car. Good steering, good ride, modern infotainment system (option), quiet on motorways/dual carriageways and 55 mpg on a run. We've had an A1 (1.4 COD) in the past and in all honesty I prefer the MINI for the aforementioned reasons. As Tipex points out the A1 is due to be replaced and IMHO it needs it.
  10. Bentley SUV

    Spotted a copper coloured one this evening. They are pretty huge (I suspect it would make a Range Rover look small) and offensively ugly. It looks like a Chinese clone of a Q7 that's been put through an Acme glitter and engorgement device. It was heading towards Canford Cliffs in Poole - no surprise there!
  11. R5 Turbo

    Good spot. Always loved and wanted one (the mark 1 had a typical French style interior) but the price of them now is quite steep. Four Star classics had a couple up for sale recently. Back in the day I had a 5 Gordini Turbo which was a fantastic car and so much better than the frequently over-rated Golf Mk 1 GTi (controversial I know but IMHO)
  12. Am I mad?

    Very nice But won't the racing season be all but over by the time it arrives??? It's great when they do take an interest in the car though. I was going to buy a Cayman but when the Mrs heard it only had two seats she went off on one and accused me of being selfish. I then mentioned that a 911 had room for the kids and she calmed down... I really don't think she knew (knows!) how much more they cost
  13. 2006 987 Boxster 2.7

    I guess it's what you define as better? The new turbo charged 991/718 are certainly faster and more economical than the models they replaced but to be fair they were already fast enough for public roads, where (let's be honest) most are used. But buying a 'sports' car is also about character and I guess that's what some enthusiasts fear might be lost. If someone is new to the brand then they won't know any different and I'm sure they'd love them. Those that have previous model will be more circumspect. As an example, some enthusiasts criticise the 991 as being more GT than sports car and claim the 997 (previous generation) was better. I've never driven one so I can't judge but I think my 991 is fantastic. I haven't driven one of the new turbo'd yet so I reserve judgement but they do have a lot to live up too. Oh, and as for economy I can get nearly 35 mpg on a steady run (with three passengers too). Not bad for a 190mph car with a 3.8 litre engine! ) Yeah, yeah - I know I'm driving it wrong
  14. A whole new raft of SUV, coming our way

    I think this exchange sums it up:
  15. A whole new raft of SUV, coming our way

    I saw one on the road a few months ago around Gaydon. Obviously a pre-production model because of where I saw it and it had the camouflage paint job. But it looked, unsurprisingly, ridiculous. At that price point who on earth would buy one?