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  1. 16" wheels on se polo?

    won't they rub on the arches?
  2. 16" wheels on se polo?

    Hi I really want a new set of alloys for my polo se 2000 model, can I apply 16" with out modification? Thanks
  3. MPI?

    Hi this might be a stupid question but I have a polo se 2000 model & on the engine it says 1.4 MPI, can anyone tell me what the mpi means? Thanks
  4. Alloy Bolt Holes?????????

    Hi I want to change my alloys on my polo se mk5 yet the ones I want have 5 bolt holes and my polo has only four! What can I do to change it so I can fix the 5 holed alloy on? or am I being stupid and the alloys can have four or five holes? Please Help! Thanks
  5. Alloy wheels?

    Hi I want to increase the size of my wheels on my polo se what would be the biggest size I could get without modifying it? Thanks
  6. Hi I have a polo se 2000 model with central locking I want remote locking is it possible? Thanks
  7. Hi can any body tell me where I could get a spoiler for my polo se? Thanks
  8. Spoiler?

    Hi I have a polo se & was wondering if its pos to get a spoiler to fit just like the GTi mod? Thanks
  9. Wheel Size?

    cheers not bad if I don't say myself
  10. Wheel Size?

    Does any one know what spec of disc I would need to replace a brake disc for my polo SE 2000 model? Thanks
  11. Wheel Size?

    thanks for all your help, chow 4 now forum friend
  12. Wheel Size?

    Oh! can you buy the red calipers for the vw polo se?
  13. Wheel Size?

    Thats great thanks, one more thing tho my disc brakes are really rusty what would you recommend I replace them with?
  14. Wheel Size?

    Hi was wondering if it is possible if I can get the mod for my polo se wheels so they look like GTi wheels (i.e red brake) Thanks
  15. Wheel Size?

    Thanks for your help bud