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  1. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    my sister's woes with her brand new Mini Cooper S might suggest otherwise (but I take your point). Still a bit conflicted I confess. if I can find a deal for £300 all in, I think I'll go for it although the rate of car thefts round our way does worry me about a new car too
  2. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    True - when comparing buying new vs lease. buying used, the first owner has taken the main hit on the depreciation
  3. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    Only in yacht form please...
  4. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    What does "3 +35" or "6+35" mean? I am assuming the 35 refers to 35 months (3 years) but don't understand what the 3 or 6 means - I can't see an explanation on the site Is it now many months of payment you pay upfront (so 3 months down then 35 monthly payments etc)?
  5. Replacing the wife's car v1: which 5+2?

    Agree with all of that. I still think S-Max is best but I think I have an inkling of why they don't like it - they want something which looks more "SUV" like
  6. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    thanks. in some ways I feel lease vs buy for a new car is easier to weigh up. as you say I bought my previous Audi new and sold it 10 years later for £2k. I might one crunch those numbers for interest. lease new vs buy old is tougher for me to get my head around but good points to ponder. I'll try to hunt out that website
  7. As per other thread of what we've been looking at, I've only ever bought cars outright. I have scraped together £10-12k to replace our 2004 civic. BUT what are the pros and cons of getting a 5+2 on lease? new car of course but I figured it's like a mortgage - I'm forever paying? ive no idea what monthly costs I'd be looking at for (say) Kia Sorento Mitshubishi Outlander Volvo xc90 (may be too big for her) Nissan XTrail
  8. So with needing to take my parents places sometimes we decided we'd opt for a 5+2 (as 99.75% of the time it's just us 5. needs to be at least as roomy as a Honda Civic for us 5 90% of the time it's for journeys of 5-10 miles or less so I don't really want too big an engine for gas guzzling.... i assumed it was a slam dunk for the Ford Smax but she doesn't like it. From some shopping around the hit list so far (to fall roughly within guide of: automatic, at least 2010, less that 60k miles, needs some toys including built in satnav, around £10k budget (stretch to £12k) is: Ford Cmax grand titanium x (wife and kids like it but personally I feel it's too small Nissan Qashqai +2 (Ntec or Tena) Kia Sorento k3 (although this seems to be minimum £12k for our requirements) we quite like the Hyundai Santa Fe or Mitsubishi Outlander but I've not seen any on auto trader. dont like the C4, Touran, Renault, Toyota verso Any others to consider or any wise tips please?
  9. Tips on rejecting a faulty car?

    Thanks team they already have the car and have given a courtesy until its resolved so I'll get her to write accordingly especially as they know all the problems. trying to deflect the problem I guess
  10. Tips on rejecting a faulty car?

    Any help and input gratefully received. sister had a new 17 plate Mini for a month (to the day). It has gone into limp mode 2-3 times with random faults including today on the motorway - just dropping to 20mph On each occasion they took it back and returned it as "repaired"/fixed. Today's occasion has been the last straw as she was on the way to a big wedding job so she's lost money AND had a hysterical bride screaming at her for letting her down. Plus of course the fear of having a new car break down on the motorway. The sevice manager supports her in principle and has given her a courtesy car but said SHE needs to write to BMW as it can't come from him. Advice on how to frame this for success (to get a like for like replacement) would be greatly appreciated
  11. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I pulled a PB yesterday too. I'd been averaging 2k in 10min but yesterday did it in 9min flat. thats warmup for you
  12. Family Holiday with Kids

    wow nice! Details please! I was happy with £1200 all in for flights vills and car for a week last summer
  13. Family Holiday with Kids

    I really want to go there but it's always a bit pricey for a short break....especially if I'm saving my pennies for next summer! i did have that fear about Malta especially for the kids
  14. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Billy I agree with your conspiracy about SD. I watched a match on my old plasma (we brought it across from old house and put it in front room) and it looks terrible. No way we used to watch matches like that before . and the split screen between hd/ultra looks same as the SD/hd demos that being said if I was buying a new tv now I probably would.....