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  1. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I pulled a PB yesterday too. I'd been averaging 2k in 10min but yesterday did it in 9min flat. thats warmup for you
  2. Family Holiday with Kids

    wow nice! Details please! I was happy with £1200 all in for flights vills and car for a week last summer
  3. Family Holiday with Kids

    I really want to go there but it's always a bit pricey for a short break....especially if I'm saving my pennies for next summer! i did have that fear about Malta especially for the kids
  4. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Billy I agree with your conspiracy about SD. I watched a match on my old plasma (we brought it across from old house and put it in front room) and it looks terrible. No way we used to watch matches like that before . and the split screen between hd/ultra looks same as the SD/hd demos that being said if I was buying a new tv now I probably would.....
  5. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    And the post about it online
  6. Home Security

    I've got a hikvision set up and if you like can give you the details of the guy who supplied and fitted for me? he's security cleared for banks but does these on weekends etc lives local in Cheadle
  7. Family Holiday with Kids

    So it's not just Brit yobs anymore? we loved our Portugal villa break last year. With the amount of stress I'm planning another similar this summer but was thinking another location maybe Malta. Majorca looks great with stuff for the kids but my fear ....
  8. Installing Office 365 ProPlus over 2016?

    I did think that might be the best way too. youngester will probably buy it. Stroppy elder child might moan so was trying to be forearmed
  9. Family Holiday with Kids

    Interestingly (okay maybe not!) my wife was musing about this option recently: having the privacy of your own villa with your own pool but HSBC got the amenities of a hotel (food, cleaning etc)
  10. Installing Office 365 ProPlus over 2016?

    Can I revisit this thread to clarify something? kids currently use Dropbox as above and me Onedrive consumer. if I install Office 365 onto a laptop and create Onedrive/outlook.com account for the kids to save work to: 1) on the pc can I install Onedrive (consumer) for them to access their work if saved on the laptop (Onedrive from o365)? 2) can I point Onedrive to the Dropbox folder so they don't have to juggle where they save stuff (and can access via Dropbox or Onedrive remotely depending on hear they use at school)? 3) if I log onto Onedrive on the laptop using my usual (consumer) outlook account details I'll still get access to my 15gb or 1tb? I'm worried about some compatibility issues between the 2 Onedrive causing me issues as it's my main store.
  11. Family Holiday with Kids

    We always get family rooms or suites. family duplex has sofa beds or beds downstairs and adult ensuite bedroom upstairs, or else double bedroom family suite
  12. F1 2017

    Dammit don't leave us hanging. Either that or what??
  13. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    Oh for sure. That was just indicative to see if the One hub via MIddle East option was even viable for me
  14. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    So - thinking about it so far I think we will take a flight which stops in the Middle East to break the journey. If I do Emirates we can visit wife's friend otherwise take in 2-3 days one way or t'other in Oman, Qatar or Abu Dhabi Seems flying to Bangkok is slightly cheaper than KL then HK slightly more expensive than that but all within the same ball park give or take a few hundred; Emirates about £870 (for all 3 destination) with Etihad to Bankok at £640 the cheapest option