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  1. Encrypted external drives

    Was looking to buy an encrypted external drive that I can use with a Mac and also a pc. Aim is to store my teaching cases and medicolegal images etc. I know of this - which I know works - but wonder if there are other ways of doing this in the era of Bitlocker, Trucrypt etc? iStorage IS-DG3-256-1000 1TB diskAshur USB 3.0 256-Bit 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007K0MNIA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_ospQybYF60PNY
  2. While the cats away.....

  3. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Aah.....no. its probably a part of gym fun I miss out on but having a career where I need to scan semi clad women (and men) the risk of baseless vindictive allegations is too high for a brown bearded bloke so I'm very conscious - hence glasses off while training (not just for the sweat factor). mind you staring myopically into space wouldn't prevent someone wrongly assuming I'm staring and I don't even get the benefit of an eyeful
  4. While the cats away.....

    So - homemade pizza on a Saturday then while the missus is away. We've established who the boring one is then
  5. Venice....any inputs?

    Sounds perfect!
  6. Venice....any inputs?

    Interesting. Fair enough. Florence is the other place I've heard so much about. It's our 20th Wedding anniversary in a couple years and I have tentatively earmarked a weekend away to Venice for it - although it will be in November - but was going to casually consider maybe Vienna (won't bother now at least for that occasion) or Florence, That reminds me S3: what was the weather like??
  7. Venice....any inputs?

    Really? Like you I've been repeatedly told Vienna is beautiful - would love to go one day.
  8. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I swear it was surreal!
  9. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I had a VERY surreal experience at the gym today - and learned I can still blush. walked in to find a fit young lady at reception. For some reason her yoga pants were half way down her ass on one side revealing a satin thong. I did wonder if I should try to discretely tell her as the young man standing behind her in the queue was openly ogling....but couldn't think of a way without embarrassing us both. then walked into the gym proper and 2 very attractive young regulars were on the treadmill.....I walk past to head to my usual x-trainer. they shortly come to use the spin cycles in front of me and were clearly in a mischievous mood as they loaded Ariana Grande's Side To Side and started to act along the bike scene. Did I mention they were Very attractive? I normally take my glasses off when training but happened to have them on today as I was watching the Trump press conference. Well frankly I was too distracted to continue watching that so off came the glasses again And it didn't end there, I usually head to the pool to do a lap or too to cool down and stretch and then sit in the steam room and sauna. in sauna a bloke and his red head girlfriend in a very tight bikini walk in. She decided to wring her top dry. I had no Chou but to slink back and look away only to hear "no point doing that to your bottoms, your pussy is always soaking" At that point I had to check and make sure I wasn't in some feverish hallucination and thought I better just go home
  10. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Hi Scotty yep. i think that error is actually a red herring. I tried each dimm in turn and then stole 2x 1gb from my netbook and get the same error. GParted reports there is no screen(!) so I think it's just generally screwed. There are more psychedelic screens than this. Ive left it slowly trying to delete everything via a windows repair option although I'm not sure why I'm bothering as I'd be pulling the hdd and ram before binning it anyway.
  11. San Francisco

    By that do you mean it smell o' da 'erb everywhere? Pah you can get that watching a film at the Elephant and Castle cinema!
  12. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Oi! STFU Unless your laptop woes top this one, back o' the line with yer
  13. 2017 Fitness Thread

    surely its better to ensure you're swimming towards them and stick to breast stroke or some such underwater methods?
  14. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I only breathe to the right when doing front crawl every few strokes. whats with this bilateral malarkey?