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  1. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Right - have sorted it. Driving Mode on Do not Disturb set to Bluetooth; then siri to allow unlocked THEN you have to set in imessage notifications previews: always That was the clincher. I can go back to enjoying the phone now (Do not disturb for overnight is a great feature when on call!)
  2. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    “The phone needs to be unlocked to do this and I don’t advise that while you are driving “ wtf am I doing wrong?
  3. The £1k mobile phone

    It’s very slick. Works in low light too im still buzzing over having Apps
  4. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    For a change I checked before posting must be some setting I’ve not ticked somewhere as it wasn’t working in my car
  5. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Uuummm unless I’m missing something, not quite. i csn turn on allow all calls and I like suppress all other notifications but there is no “read out sms while in driving mode” feature? Bah. There is a breakthrough feature I see but don’t know if it reads out. oh well i’ll adapt eventually I think useful for nights on call when I need to leave phone on for voice calls only though
  6. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Any way to do this on iPhone? its a small thing but having been used to it for so many years not having on my shiny new iPhone is already driving me bonkers
  7. Getting side steps fitted on an Outlander?

    You have such a way with words
  8. One of the reasons to get the Outlander was the occasional times we need to take my folks places with us. well turns out while it’s really convenient for my dad, mum REALLY struggles getting into it. so far we’ve even started keeping a collapsible stool in the back for her! going to get side-steps fitted . I’ve seen lots for sale on eBay but will it be straightforward getting a mechanic to fit, or is this a dealer job by?
  9. "Relay Crime" reality?

    I’ve bought an rfid pouch to put wife’s keys in but she already “forgets” (read cba) to do it. mine isn’t keyless entry but I tend to put it in there overnight too. going to buy her a steering lock too for visible deterrent. ive started getting quotes for gates for the driveway (sliding electric) and it’s nearing £16k your very last comment about the posts is what’s putting me off too. No other driveway in our or adjacent street has them (not a reason by itself either way other than drawing attention) but I’m certain one of us will almost certainly forget to drop them one time ......so going off the idea
  10. Post a pic of your car

    Do you have me confused with Woppum?
  11. "Relay Crime" reality?

    That’s exactly how I feel. i will buy the rfid bag for the missus Outlander though as that is keyless entry. the jag is fob button press but key present in car start
  12. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Thanks - good thing to buy; will get a couple for both our cars Do you guys use crook locks too? If so which one?
  13. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Ive already done that. You can't unlock by standing in the porch let alone the house so the range is very short
  14. "Relay Crime" reality?

    They’ve quoted the transmission range of the radios. clearly many factors will influence the sensitivity of the keyfob transmitter but a rough guide : 1m, 5m etc would be useful.....although I guess that way lies complacency
  15. "Relay Crime" reality?

    in trying to get fact from fear about the range of these sensors - and simple tweaks to mitigate. The more complex the solution the more chance of forgetting one night (eg taking keys up to landing etc). metal box to store them in overnight? All seems silly when you type it out though!