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  1. Car shampoo for jet wash lances?

    Eh? Separate Foam and Shampoo? I thought the foam WAS the shampoo/cleaner? If not then what does it do? I'm lazy and just want a rinse, foam, rinse product ideally :-)
  2. Car shampoo for jet wash lances?

    Having busted out the new Nilfisik over the weekend just a quick question to ask which shampoo do you guys and gals use in your pressure washer bottles to get a good foam/lather?
  3. Roof Bars Conundrum

    ooh I like those - good call boys! We have the connector on the back of it for a trailer Any idea where I could hire a trailer from? I will put out feelers - Although I now think I was being a bit silly and should easily be able to accomodate that luggae wth the 3rd rown of seats down and some Tetris packing
  4. Roof Bars Conundrum

    Yeah its a 2014 Outlander so I thought it was 80kg too. There will only be 4 suitcases in total anyway (plus couple Pullmans) so I'd have thought max on top would be 2 biggies anyway
  5. Roof Bars Conundrum

    Wife and kids have a flight from Gatwick so I have to cram 4 suitcases and whatever else she is planning to pack into the back of out 5+2 Outlander with the rear seats down. I thought it might be okay but I'm now not so sure. The car has flush-fit roof rails and I see 2 points on either side where I assume appropriate roof rails will fit so I guess I have a contingency at the last minute if I need to be bailed out BUT - eerrms never fitted them, never loaded luggage on them and never driven with roof-loaded luggage (for a 200-odd mile motorway journey) So - I clearly need to source appropriate roof rack to be able to but fairly quickly if required. What else so I need in terms of making sure the load is secure? I am guessing it will also make an almightly racket....I get that there are "aero" rails but don't really want to spend too much on an stop-gap measure
  6. Boxing thread

    Great - yeah I have 10pm as the ballpark but with. 6pm start I wasn’t too sure
  7. Boxing thread

    What time is the AJ fight likely to be tomorrow and any other stand outs from the under card?
  8. CCTV might be getting hacked

    I initially bought it as it seemed to be the most highly regarded and the only one with windows mobile app.
  9. CCTV might be getting hacked

    Never did update this thread. Updated the firmware which allowed strong passwords and all was well again so yes it was getting hacked and reset - HiKVision apparently knew about it hence the firmware
  10. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Right - have sorted it. Driving Mode on Do not Disturb set to Bluetooth; then siri to allow unlocked THEN you have to set in imessage notifications previews: always That was the clincher. I can go back to enjoying the phone now (Do not disturb for overnight is a great feature when on call!)
  11. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    “The phone needs to be unlocked to do this and I don’t advise that while you are driving “ wtf am I doing wrong?
  12. The £1k mobile phone

    It’s very slick. Works in low light too im still buzzing over having Apps
  13. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    For a change I checked before posting must be some setting I’ve not ticked somewhere as it wasn’t working in my car
  14. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Uuummm unless I’m missing something, not quite. i csn turn on allow all calls and I like suppress all other notifications but there is no “read out sms while in driving mode” feature? Bah. There is a breakthrough feature I see but don’t know if it reads out. oh well i’ll adapt eventually I think useful for nights on call when I need to leave phone on for voice calls only though
  15. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Any way to do this on iPhone? its a small thing but having been used to it for so many years not having on my shiny new iPhone is already driving me bonkers