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  1. CCTV might be getting hacked

    Sorry. Ran out of veet.....
  2. So for the past week or so my cctv randomly started giving me warning beeps. Checked it and saw the settings had been wiped. Redid them, restored network access and 2 days later it happened again. so I figured the cmos battery might be weak, opened it up and swapped out a new battery and 2 days later same again. ive read that HikVision machines have been getting hacked - especially when the admin password has not been changed from default. so...I'll update the firmware but just to check outside interference, is there a way I can allow it intranet access so I can acess it remotely via pc, but block it from the outside? im guessing I do this at router or pc level? the DVR has been assigned a static IP address
  3. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    I guess YMMV. I've flown with them 2-3 times and it's always been fine
  4. CCTV might be getting hacked

    Guess I don't need cctv then MI5 will take care of that for me
  5. CCTV might be getting hacked

    I know but I suspect it's because a Port has been forwarded to enabled me to access the cameras remotely by the app and like an idiot I haven't changed the default password. i have a new firmware for it so will try to do it all in one shot but initially I'll i forward the port for 2-3 days and ensure it works fine otherwise https://ipvm.com/reports/hik-default-hack
  6. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Bloody hell I didn't even spot that. we had that advantage last year. Feel for you man. Hope you csn get something sorted. What a horrible predicament.
  7. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    I'm thanking my lucky stars about the RyanAir fiasco otherwise I'd have been in the same boat. wanted to get dun for 1/2 term and it was cheaper option of Alicante, more expensive Lanzarote or sod it and Dubai. once I removed all Ryan air flight options suddenly Dubai wasn't so outlandish even though others included Monarch at least 1 way
  8. PowerPoint users look in please

    It was easier as a junior presenting to grand rounds as I could use my custom garish Hermes staff design. Having to pre-decide the design before you know the direction the presentation might take seems a bit daft
  9. Basic help. Been a while since I've used it. Done everything on ppt for Mac but have access to win office 2016 and when I present it will likely be on a win machine, if it makes a difference? written a talk. I have made all the slides and formatted the layout so the title and text boxes etc are all consistent between slides (with the basic black text on white background). I want to add a design to it, but it completely screws it up. The title bars are all different sized and the text starts in different places with different sizes even when I have a slide with (say) the top half all the same but the bottom text different between 2 slides. anyway to apply a design but preserving layout? Or do I have to start a new ppt with the theme and copy each slide into it? I think there is an option (on win office at least?) to paste with formatting and layout preserved? ive even looked in master slide but have no idea how to transpose one layout on another...
  10. Outlook Urgent Help please!

    Well I've resolved#2 now need a way to auto backup PST perhaps weekly. ive resigned myself to losing 2 folders.....found the main one thankfully
  11. Outlook Urgent Help please!

    Okay I am a moron who broke a number of basic IT cardinal rules Moving swiftly on. Here is the crux: home pc with standalone office 2016 install let's say we have 1 user W and another user say Mrs W that we'll call Z Z doesn't use outlook so I ages ago set her outlook to point to W's pst file Today I just set up an email account in outlook for Z and then thought hhhmmm she doesn't need all these folders in her outlook as they are only relevant to me So i deleted them - and yes I emptied the deleted items folder Logged into my account and realised the horror of my actions So here are my problems: 1) is there ANY way I can recover the deleted folders? I've used a couple of evaluation software such as pst walker and phoenix outlook pst repair. They see a couple of the folders but not 3 that I really want; 2) I want to remove W pst from Z's outlook but of course NOT delete it (any further); if I use the "remove data file" option does it delete it or simply remove access to that pst from that user's outlook?
  12. Outlook Urgent Help please!

    permission granted. as usual i attempted a simple tech thing after midnight and f'd it up.....
  13. It's okay - I rang them and said I just mistyped my name, as English as roast beef, roast potatoes, roast veg and roast gravy and they said that's okay then...
  14. I got declined when applying online Seems I entered my mortgage wrong (included the 00 pence which translated as 100x increase in my mortgage)
  15. Cool I'll order in time for my summer jollies
  16. If there is a referral bonus do you want to send me a referral? i'll take one out for foreign use too
  17. Without any issue as in no fees? I mainly use my Nationwide debit/credit cards abroad but they have fees now too
  18. School trip dilemma

    What worries and upsets me is that the planners had generally honed their thinking in war zones. but if you look around the world, even in Iraq, Afghanistan they really upped the ante and hsve in the past few days slaughtered innocents at ice cream parlours etc ditto moving brazenly into places like the Philippines. It just fills me with foreboding and impending doom. but more practical I guess it means that nowhere is any more safe or dangerous than anywhere else. It's just random
  19. Alonso Indy500....

    So - how do you reckon he'll get on? if Karma hates him of course he'll have engine failure! i can see him doing well but not winning, although he seems to have impressed absolutely everyone so far
  20. Alonso Indy500....

    Nando in Honda blown calamity......
  21. School trip dilemma

    I can understand your concern entirely. I don't see this as a "won't let them cow us" type situation though. I'm with NNMM here though. Security on that day will be if anything higher. What we have learned if no place in the world or any major city here is any safer or more dangerous than any other. It is sheer misfortune and pot luck.
  22. Shocking Audi Dealership story.

    Bloody hell!
  23. Alonso Indy500....

    Well for the first 3 laps....
  24. Alonso Indy500....

    I take your point Mook but disagree a little in that he wouldn't be the first Rookie champion and everyone agrees an awesome talent. I want him to win and recompense for his skills being wasted in F1 for so long
  25. Any sub £500 Laptop recommendations?

    I'd use the principle that since some good AV are free, why would you not just install one in this era?