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  1. Thinking of buying a cerbera 4.5 LW

    Cheers Nick. I must admit I havent looked at a T350 because I know the only one for me is the Cerbie 4.5! Everytime I see one and hear that V8 it makes me shiver! The look of them is awesome and knowing you can blow away pretty much anything else on the road is going to be a big thrill. My major concerns are: (1) Ive heard build quality ad reliability is poor! Is this so? (2) Whats the resale like? Are they hard to shift privately? Cheers
  2. Thinking of buying a cerbera 4.5 LW

    I am thinking of buying a Cerbera 4.5 LW. I have never owned a TVR before and my last car was a Porsche Boxster S. The car will be used as weekend only and mainly for a bit of fun. The Porsche was great, but everytime I hear a TVR I start to dribble, there unbelievable Any advice you can give about the Cerbera 4.5 LW would be great! I will be buying from a dealer and looking to spend about £33,000 (2000/2001. Is it worth getting the sports exhaust and/or De-cat pipes? What problems are likely? Look forward to your responses! Steve (Cerb owner wannabe)