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  1. Hi, I have a 1721 that I'd like to install an SDSL card into, only it seems I need a newer IOS version. The obvious thing would be to go to Cisco's website and download a new version but can I find it? Are IOS upgrades free? I dont even know if I need to pay - their website is such a mine field. Does anyone know where and how I can get this thing upgraded? Also do I have to pay? Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. RS4 Avant - Any orders?

    [ QUOTE ] When the car arrives (end July) I'm planning to get Craigyb to fit TV in motion and an external DVD/Media Player/Playstation. [/ QUOTE ] So the TV in motion - is this something that Craigyb will be offering to anyone? I'd be interested in getting the DVD player to play films as I know it will only play the SAT NAV dvd as stock. Whats the rough cost? Also, sounds a silly question, but do you actually need to spec teh TV option? or can this be fitted as part of the above?
  3. RS4 Avant - Any orders?

    Well today I went and did it - ordered the RS4 Avant for delivery around Sept\Oct. I found it very hard decciding on which colour to opt for but it was certainly going to be between Daytona Grey or Black. In the end black won! What made it harder was the lack of Avant pictures available to show it in the various colours - it seems like we're left to guess and take a gamble. Does anyone have a collection of Avant pics showing the black? I went for the obvious Tech Pack (be stupid not to), Rear View Mirror (Dimming), Silver Headlining (I felt the car was just too dark with the black - anyone else find it dark inside?), and the Carbon inserts. Does anyone else consider any of the other options as necessary? I did debate the TV but at £750 and you still cant watch digital or even a DVD using the built in DVD player - it seemed a little steep!
  4. Anyone fancy an Evo?

    [ QUOTE ] Them EVO's are a bit of all right aren't they!!! [/ QUOTE ] Bit of alright? There is simply nothing better on earth as far as handling and power delivery. Certainly not that I've had the chance to drive, and 90% of the the rest of us! She'l be sorely missed
  5. Anyone fancy an Evo?

    A savings fund for the RS4 Avant! Need to take a hold of my finances, save a little and live sensibly for a little.
  6. Exchange DR Without AD - OMG Help!

    Servers were on a UPS! He unplugged the end from the server! How he expected it to fit his AC adapter on his laptop I'll never know! - theyre usually figure of 8 connectors - not kettle lead. Unbelieveable I know - but thats what he did!
  7. Exchange DR Without AD - OMG Help!

    Parallell install works fine. THe error is data corruption. Friendly BT engineer @ customers site decided he needed more power for his laptop and decided the server could run without the ONLY power lead that was plugged into the server! Hence unexpected power interuption!
  8. Exchange DR Without AD - OMG Help!

    Sorry Frodo - Actual output is in the office now - will write it up here tomorrow. Its Blue screening after the Win2k Splash screen. About 7 minutes after its displayed while the blue bar loads across the bottom of the screen. It reports corruption in the registry file (cant remember exactly as its been a busy few days. Indicates %ssystemroot&\Winnt\System32\Config. I have tried restoring the directory, Winnt itself and also a full c: drive. Separately I have tried restoring the system state, a repair (using the CD) and an upgrade. All these have been done on a Ghosted copy of the C: drive - so without interference from previous attempts of repair\recovery. I.e I have a copy of the partition with the original error unscathed any further from any recovery attempt.
  9. Exchange DR Without AD - OMG Help!

    The server boots with a Stop BSD Reg error - corruption within system 32\Config. I have tried to restore this directly from backup. I've also tried a parrallel install and restore of the system state but all to no avail. In the absence of another DC (coz its Small B@stard Server) and a descent backup - I don't have a working AD. I'll take a look at Ontrack but it sounds mega expensive! Any other ideas greatly recieved
  10. Now heres a challenging one - I have to perform a restore of Exch2k without a working copy of the original AD! Single server SBS 2k Setup - OS has gone bad and wont boot. Restore of Sys state is failing due to bad blocks on the tapes and the end users are screaming for their data. Does anyone know the process by which I can do a restore to get the Exch up and running enough just to carry out an Exmerge? Is it possible without the original AD? ANY help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I have all original log files and file system is intact. Cheers
  11. Guys, Having just put a deposite down on my Evo, need some advice as to the best device to get for GPS speed reader, Gatso and camera detector. Looking at the Road Angel you can now get number plate sensors to detect the mobile laser guns - has anyone tried these and are they effective enough? Also can you wire up 2 sensors (front and back) or only one? Which have people opted for?
  12. Just trying new account and some of the sys tools you guys have recomended. Il update in a bit..
  13. Considering an Evo - advise would be nice!

    Dont think - just do it! I just put bought an MR 320 in grey! Cant wait till I pick it up!
  14. Just bought an MR320 in Gun Metal Grey

    Delivery in about a week. A year ago I test drove an FQ300 - ride was abizmal. However the MR comes with Bilsteins and a few other ride enhancing bits - the ride is so much better with the MR's. Test drove it over speed bumps, thru town in traffic, and of course on the open windy roads I think I can live with it for 6- 12 months