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  1. nice s3

    Sydney street in chelsea. AMD badged, black, lowered s3, big brakes. it looked very cool, anyone on here??
  2. just bought it, getting it fitted on tuesday, just couldn't wait anymore as off to a mates house tomorrow, and got lots of driving over the next month or two! I cracked, Halfrauds it was, impatient and paying too much, a vice i need to get on top of! Thanks for the advice, and i'm glad someone feels my pain with not having any music!!
  3. Having had my hifi stolen in bristol last year, i have finally got some money to get a new one. I had a CD changer previously, and a good sony set up, but would like a system compatible with my ipod. Halfords quote £269.99 with free fitting, for an alpine CDA-9847R, with the KCA-420i as well, this seems like a very good deal. Is it? Help me, as i am finally beginning to sing the tunes from those mobile ringtone adverts when driving!!!
  4. Saw an S3 driving along hampton road in bristol, looked as though it's mirrors were tucked in (for parking, far too many narrow streets), got closer and saw that someone had ripped off both mirrors. Keep your eyes open for some selling 'used' s3 mrrors on ebay and elsewhere, absolutely fcuking outrageous!
  5. Black Audi A8 Bristol

    Not a particularly great 'spot', but this particular car is always parked in Highbury Villa's, off st michaels hill in bristol. Whoever drives it in and out of there is some kind of god. The road is tiny, with stoooodent cars parked on either side, i see his car in there a lot. If everyone in the UK could park like this man (seen him, not being sexist!), there would never be a scratch on your car. Just wanted to congratulate whoever he is on being so brave!
  6. New Car

    they pull out the 'please call in the morning' line, not massively surprising! Also insured with direct line, and they have me involved (but not at any fault in either!) in two accidents that have written cars off, it's a wonder that my mum still loves me, although she has had 2 replacement a3s for nothing. I have learnt through these that people quite often don't pay attention, be it doing 85 on the motorway in a 4x4 and nudging you into a huge accident, or head on crashes in the street because they are looking for their phone (or whatever the idiot coming my way on my side of the road was doing!). I am fairly sure that on speaking to the insurers they will tell me that the 1.8t is easily insurable, while the s2 is insurable only by being very cute with them...... Thanks to everyone for the knowledgable replies, i have to push off to bed, Will read up in the morning! NIght all
  7. New Car

    Ian C - you are certainly right, i am very lucky, and know that there are more sensible things to do with that sort of money, but i love my cars, and am set on getting a really nice car. It's not intelligent or long sighted, but just for the knowledge there was a nice car outside, it'd be worth it (sort of!)
  8. New Car

    a3 2.0tdi, i thought those were all still in the dealer network, and i see people asking high teens, or is there somewhere i'm not looking? Mate's had one in dolphin gray with some toys and it is a very nice bit of kit!
  9. New Car

    I wouldn't have thought it's the thing to win me any friends, but having a dad with a few quick cars, i think i may put the car onto his policy, and then insure myself as main driver on the nail of a peugeot knocking around at home. Bit of a fiddle, but should help quite a lot, and he has a rural postcode, secure garage etc... Diesels are an option though, had a hire (obviously not in my name being 20!) Alfa 147 jtd on holidays, which was nice, and for 12 grand you can get a lot of car, but it would probably still carry on plummeting until it hit about the 5-6k mark. Or am i talking crap? Not sure, more a host of ideas, i will be getting the car after my 21st, so that adds a year (but still no NCB - 2nd driver on mum's policy). Thanks again for the input
  10. New Car

    Mum's got an a3 1.9tdi, great car but a bit reluctant to have the same car! ALso it wallows a lot, and generally washes out everywhere, with the front just refusing to tuck in when driven with any enthusiasm. I like the kick from a diesel, but am not convinced. reading this back it seems like i'm being dismissive, but i don't mean to be, thank you and keep it coming! I like the clio sport but i also have heard bad things about build quality - of which i am sure a lot is stereotype - but something that worries me. I am also 6 foot five 1/2, and find a standard clio a bit of a squeeze! Probably should have mentioned the height thing earlier, saying that i am more comfortable in my polo than in a CTR, RX8, and to a lesser extent the a3!
  11. New Car

    Hi there, I've got about 12 grand to buy a car, but i am 20 without any no claims, and would like something sporty. Currently thinking audi s3, or ITR, wondering if anyone can shed any light on their personal experiences of either, and what to look out for etc. I am aware that i will take a hammering on insurance, so that will obviously play a big part, but these are the cars i am looking at (and i know they are hardly similar!)
  12. Porsche 968 cs

    Knew someone on here would know, so might need to ask if there is another car i can borrow! Thanks
  13. Porsche 968 cs

    For my 21st i am getting a go in a porsche 968 cs, lucky boy i know, but also wondering about experiences. I am 6 foot six, but have fitted in a ferrari 246gts, not polishing my medals, but wondering if anyone who had driven one reckons that someone my size can fit! Many thanks
  14. red s3

    On the a1 from edinburgh to morpeth, you were not really up to much, let you past as you sat in my mirrors at about 85, and then waited for me to overtake a whole queue of traffic before you went, and i was in a diesel! Later saw you on the a1m and m1, into london, yesterday. nice car though
  15. GT3 RS

    Spotted in the car park of the sainsburys on the cromwell road, london. stuffing shopping bags in the nose, and it not really happening! A bit confused by how you got the car out over speed bumps that had my borrowed a3 thinking of scraping it's nose, and also why you were wearing a porsche cap!? I'm just jealous, it looks awesome in blue....