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  1. BMW M3 CSL

    Sorry to hear about your crash, but at least you were not hurt or anything. Have to say though I REALLY want to see pictures mate, its hard to visualise the damage - a branch piercing a Carbon Fibre wing, and you need new sills, bumpers, etc...at 10MPH? Blimey, talk about bad luck!
  2. Maybe a 330 instead of an S3

    [ QUOTE ] he's come down to £16,500 over the phone so I might be able to squeeze him for a bit more. [/ QUOTE ] Thats more like it, £16k would be my target for a three year old 330 Saloon. Though the mileage and spec is evry attractive! The cloth / alcantara is lovely, I chose it over leather myself.
  3. Tail Happy E46

    F1s are fabulous tyres, should make a huge difference! Do post bsack with your verdict
  4. Tail Happy E46

    [ QUOTE ] Do you think the quality of the rear tyres could be an issue? They are almost new (on it when we bought it as said previously) by the name of CHAMPIRO (never heard of them before) and have 7mm tread. [/ QUOTE ] I would say this must be at least aggrevating the problem...tyres make such a huge difference; I'm a real sceptic on such matters, but going from Michellin HXs to Eagle F1s on my old Bora V6 transformed it beyond all recognition. My BMW has Bridegstone Potenzas and they seem pretty good, though I would like to try this car with the F1s.
  5. Tail Happy E46

    Mine definetly does not do that...the tail will come round progressively if I do it deliberately on a roundabout, but its so controlable I generally know when and where it will happen - especially as I have turned the DSC off! Only time I got it wrong was too fast on a twisty bend and I had to catch it sharpish - but thats what 330 + RWD + wet road + DSC off will get me. I turned it on again after that Sory you are not happy with yours By the way, it seems to be common practice for BMW dealers ALWAYS to say the brakes need doing; they did it to my sisters Mini, twice, when over 70% / 60% remaining in the pads respectively. Scaring female drivers into paying for new brakes is not my idea of ethical practice!
  6. Dealer attitudes

    Dealers forget that they are there to serve the customer sometimes - that somehow their time is valuable and they can pick and choose. I had a similar experience with a salesman at Bournemouth BMW. We spoke at length about what I was after, and he offered me a test drive in a 330ci outside - 03 330 Sport, facelift, 28k, silver, leather, £24k. It felt shagged. When I said this was the right car but this example was not for me, he started to sulk and rarely returned my calls there after. He wasn't pleased when I pulled up to buy floor mats for the better specced, newer, 11k mile car I paid £3k less for a week later! You did the right thing; you are out to get the best deal, not protect a salesmans feelings. He needs to offer you better service - you went with the best deal, he has no right to throw a hissy fit!
  7. The end of an era!

    Series 2 all featured Z4s - pretty good. Some big names too including Don Cheadle, Gary Oldman, James Brown and direction by Tony Scott. The last one, Devil is a clever idea - James Brown sold his soul in the 50s for fame and fortune LOL. I have series one and two on my HDD - I think you still have time to download them from BMW Films before they go offline?
  8. BMW "shark fin"

    [ QUOTE ] I was offered bluetooth when I bought the convertible. Was told all the gubbins webnt in one of the boot trays. Couldnt see the point of having it really. [/ QUOTE ] Its under the CD changer I think. Either that or I have a government tracking module in my car. I have stock 6CD and the fin, so this confirms the above....I did wonder why I had one with no Sat Nav, thanks for clarifying! The bluetooth is password protected and linked to your phone; when you set it up, you have to activate it to work with your phone, so that you don't have two bluetooth phones in the car that work through the stereo. I have an Orange SPV 500 and discovered the bluetooth by accident - didn't know I had it but its brilliant, except the steering wheel answer button always seems to need two presses to respond. The standard cradle (they do others for Sony Erricsons etc) is quite small and designed for a Nokia I think, but the SPV fits perfectly.
  9. Looking for a 330ci

    Nice spec!
  10. My friend's got an E36 but...

    This should help... Sounds like its one of the last E36 saloons, as the E46 saloon arrived in 1998. The badge sometimes does not correlate with the engine (323i for example was a 2.5 litre), but the 316i was 1596cc / 4cyl with 102BHP and 0-60 in 12.3...pretty weak. The E36 318i varies depending on the year, if its a 1998 318i its 1895cc but before that it was 1796cc. As far as I am aware the 316i has always been a 1.6 litre?
  11. 330Cd manual as a PDF?

    BMW Manual Might be of some use at least... Real OEM site s a goldmine for BMW owners...
  12. Looking for a 330ci

    Yeah I agree... dissapointing as its good quality leather, but it goes shiny and starts to look knackered very quickly based on he cars Ive seen. I ended up getting a car with alcantara/cloth (i.e. standard, no leather option) - seems to take the wear much better and doesn't suffer from the hot in summer / cold in winter problem I had in past cars with leather. Quite rare but also worth a bit less than a leather equipped car.
  13. Private number plates

    My parents bought mine as a 21st birthday present two years ago; it refers to me rather than the car, the idea being I can put it on every car I buy for the rest of my life. Quite a good present for a car lover I thought? Im not sure I would spend hard cash on one but I like having mine...I changed my car again recently and it didn't feel right until I put my moniker on it, you get used to having it I guess. The age of the car is irrelevent to me, I don't really care what others think
  14. Looking for a 330ci

    Sports have full bodykit, sports seats, better steering wheel and plenty of M detailing, definetly won't mistake one for the other....engine is pretty rock solid, only downside will be the interior which may be feel a bit shiny at 72k
  15. Front Centre Armrest

    [ QUOTE ] std on al SE and Sport E46 3 series since 2002...plus a lot of cars before then too. [/ QUOTE ] My 04 330ci Sport doesn't have one. But I don't mind, the centre console is virtually at armrest height anyway