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  1. Isn't ebay great!!!

    Not been on for ages a couple of the scottish tyresmokers had phoned me up to see if I was still alive - I am but I have been enjoying this for the last couple of weeks. Pretty cool huh?
  2. my new car

    Minis are cool - on the few occasions I use either of mine its an absolute hoot!!!
  3. Where did you drive this weekend?

    Off roading!! Gettin Mucky!
  4. first spyshot of e92 M3 in silver color

    if thats how it looks i'll be changing my order to a 135ti!!!!
  5. Genuine B7 RS4 Wheels

    [ QUOTE ] Jesus, do you actually aim for pot holes? [/ QUOTE ] 1 I live in Scotland our roads are poo. 2 I tend to be going so fast I don't see them!!
  6. Genuine B7 RS4 Wheels

    Anyone know the offset of these? Wonder if they'd fit a B5 - Sick of bending wheels
  7. I've just bought a Vitara

    Feel free to start with the hairdresser gags
  8. Reading Hotel Room 27th Nov (monday)

    I thought they refunded right up until 4pm on the day of arrival?
  9. I've just bought a Vitara

    no it's a bit of a mixture yes but no land rover parts!!! When I picked it up and transported it home from london got up the next morning and thought - what have i done!!! Surprised I never got spotted by some of the TSN londoners as I got lost and ended up in piccadily circus and over tower bridge - Was pretty fulfilling knowing that I single handedly brought central london to a standstill trying to squeeze the Merc with a 20ft transporter and vitara on the back!!!
  10. Is 5th gear a crap copy of top gear

    yes a little GBH from VBH would be rather nice - but whats with that Lovejoy tosser?
  11. My weekend/holiday vehicle

    lovin' it!
  12. V-Max 99Ron in my John Cooper?

    it is the one and same. ECU is simply a glorified boost controller. Makes it a helluva a car to set up and get running right!!!
  13. I've just bought a Vitara

    Goes bloomin anywhere - 33" tyres!!
  14. I've just bought a Vitara

    dunno that was taken by the previous owner. I've only had it a couple of days and had it at glentarkie once - what an absolute hoot. As you may notice from the pic this is no ordinary vitara
  15. I've just bought a Vitara

  16. I've just bought a Vitara

    it's an old one bought for a bit of fun!!!
  17. It's not quattro ...but it probably did the job...

    great little car - even the first panda 4x4 was very impressive considering when the going gets tough!!!
  18. V-Max 99Ron in my John Cooper?

    ahhh but it does!!! Has an SU and an ecu!! See here
  19. Genuine B7 RS4 Wheels

    I've done 18000 miles in mine and have bent 17 audi soft wheels two audi hard wheels and 2 MTM Bi Motos . ET29 not so good would prob need a spacer
  20. (VW R32) 4 montion or Quattro(New S3)

    yes b5 passat is torsen new model is same as golf etc....
  21. Boy racers given free track day

    I propose next Scottish meet location as Kirkcaldy Prom ! Free trackday for all!!!
  22. Just got insured on the 430...

    [ QUOTE ] My baby and she is not bad [/ QUOTE ] Slightly different to the slightly older 3 series you came along to the scottish meet in a couple of years back
  23. Octane Booster

    I use millers but pay nothing like £7-£20 quid a bottle -buy it direct from millers and its £2.50 ish a bottle.
  24. V-Max 99Ron in my John Cooper?

    I run it in my ERA turbo with lead substitute and it goes pretty well. Def won't harm the car - although your mini prob has a much more sophisticated ecu than mine!!!
  25. anyone got an audi past 200mph yet???

    Been close but it takes a lot of (private) road to get there and I usually brick it and give up first!!!!