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  1. Tuscan oil temps??????

    Hey blue, thanx... So why do you have to see it go??? thought you were having fun... no sense to me A small pic, only thing i dont like about the car is the front plates... give me a few days
  2. Tuscan oil temps??????

    Hey blue, thanx... So why do you have to see it go??? thought you were having fun... no sense to me
  3. Tuscan oil temps??????

    Thanks for the reply, yep does help... Do you use the car on a daily basis or just as a weekend car? The email has been sent to tvr, as soon as i get a reply i'll post it. Takis
  4. Tuscan oil temps??????

    Hi ppl, I now have a 2002 tuscan S... a couple of questions to what you think... They told me to wait for the oil to heat up to around 60 degrees C, before going above 2500 rpm and then wait till 80C to go above 3500rpm... The strange thing it that it was a hot day yesterday, and i was driving it for 20 mins slowly, and the oil didnt go above 70C. The other thing is that when you do drive it hard, they told me to whatch the oil not to go above 95C... is this possible?, with just a span of 10-15 degrees to drive it hard? do you think this is accurate? or should i just go install an oil cooler or something? Thanks in advance... im also gonna email tvr and see what they think. Takis
  5. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    Thanks ppl, i was very happy with it too... now about the raw stuff, no more semi cooked:) ant more opinion on reliability and maintenance? i mean, what could go bad? electronics? i can get that fixed easily... fuel pump? timing belt/chain? thanks... its different in terms of beauty and purebreed...
  6. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    and this
  7. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    Thanks man, all i have left are the pics now man
  8. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    hey simon, thanx man... ill try that I was speaking to this guy who owns a griffith the other day, dont know if he was trying to act smart and say that he knew it all, but he got me concerned on one thing. He said that the 3.6 tuscan engine is ok in tvr's reliability terms, but that the 4 liter engine on the tuscan S is going to have me at the mechanic's 2 weeks out of the 4 a month. I mean come on! how bad could it be? i know the servicing is expensive but for what you get, its a F*^&$ing good deal sooo... anyone can enlighten me with theirs or their friends experiences? thanks
  9. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    and another..
  10. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    since your into scoobys, here a pic ull like
  11. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    Thanx Nice to feel welcome... lots of pics, i could email some to u if u want, cos from what i see from the forum its only one at a time. I was out tonight with a friend, and he told me that the owner of gatwick tvr lives in the flat next to his. The opinions of people who own or owned one is priceless i think. Im from Cyprus, come to london regularly for work. I'll be here till june probably. Most people in the forum are from the uk i guess?
  12. buying a tuscan... how reliable?

    Hi, I've been reading the forums these days as i am looking to buy a tuscan, and need some good samaritans guiding/opinions I recently sold my R34 GTR and have the appropriate cash to go for a used tuscan or T350. My dream is a 2002 Tuscan S in moonraker black a hell of a car im sure u would agree So i've heard that it needs the service every 6K but thats not too bad as i had my skyline's oil service every 3. How come the TVR's services are so coslty? would i be able to find someone to do this abroad?(ill be shipping the car to cyprus for the summer) or would i just have the service done here and not do over 6k when it is abroad? Also, how unreliable are they? the 2002 tuscan s i mean... in what terms are they unreliable? engine? clutch? the build quality doesnt affect me... a few squeaks wont ruin my day. the drifting will put the smile on my face So, please give me an insight on their reliability, what they do at their services and your opinions on the purchase... thanks everyone, and hi again p.s. heres the skyline i recently departed with i know iknow, ull go on with the electronics and [censored] Dont worry, i used to have an rx7. A limited slip differential is more than enough:)