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  1. High Mileage RS4 Avant

    Yes, buy the best & only cry once. As other said have a look on rs246 these cars are solid & well built generally with just a few well documented problems so it should be fairly easy to sort out a good one with a little research beforehand.
  2. The sparkplug needs to be touching the side of the engine so the circuit is competed (as it would be if screwed into the head) & then when you kick it over you should get a spark. Have you checked the gap is correct (although if new should be about correct) & if used what is the condition/colour of the plug - for a 2 stroke should be about the colour of a digestive biscuit ?
  3. Anti dazzle mirror

    Good point, the sensor is near the mirror glass, which must make this install a lot more practical, although I am not sure if uses the front to detect night time. I did have a Golf with dimming mirror & rain sensor but no autolights so can't be 100% sure but sensor for headlights is definitely at the back ! Retrofit kit here - no windscreen needed... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTO-DIM-DIMMING-REAR-VIEW-MIRROR-VW-AUDI-SEAT-SKODA-/230343226775
  4. Anti dazzle mirror

    I think the mirror will be the easy bit & the wiring should be fairly straightforward to pick up feeds from the courtesy light, but you will probably need to change the windscreen as the autodim sensor is on the windscreen (has a gap in the black part of the screen at the top) so this is best achieved when the windscreen is being replaced anyway due to stonechip (just say is autodim version needed - is also very easy to route wires while the screen is out), although a few have been pleasantly surprised how cheap a new screen was from Audi so whatever you do don't pay Autoglass to fit one !
  5. Blackberry problems

    I think the affected corporate users both realise it is a problem & being worked on & understand for many it is not the end of the world + can update via wireless access point so can be managed around fairly well. However a quick look at vodafone forum reveals they are certainly selling a lot of BBs to chavs who are all demanding their money back & compensation as they can't BBM their mates for a few days
  6. The Caterham Build

    I guess nowadays they just use DNA to check it was built by the owner... On a more serious note I take it you have a pair of Mechanix gloves - I got fed up with all the grease/cuts etc. & bought a pair and although feel odd initially use them for all work on cars/bikes now ?
  7. Thanks for the reminder, actually meant to update this thread - saw her a few weeks ago, no waterloss & need for constant top us gone so seems a good success
  8. Polo (1991 one owner) was suffering from poor running, hard to start, hesitation etc. so I had a quick look at it. Initial signs didn't look good - excess of pressure in the expansion tank, coolant a horrible colour & lots of mayo - not only under the filler cap but also breathing into the "carb" (it is fuel injected but has a carb body with air-filter on top that has been converted by VW to FI. Anyway I advised was more than likely the head gasket had failed to a fairly small degree and should get it looked at ASAP. Whilst not a great fan of miracle cures as usually they only last at best until the mechanical component receives some strain, I figured it couldn't do any harm so in order to try to help I added some kalimex k-seal (http://www.kalimex.co.uk/section.htm...01.04.&pgid=17) to the coolant tank. Anyway she took it to a local mechanic who replaced the plugs & ran a compression test (all even at about 100 vs 120 new) but 250 miles later no coolant loss or anything so in the words of MythBusters I have to given Kalimex a "plausible" will report back if no change later in the year, but so far has saved the Polo from the scrapheap.
  9. Your first time online (on the internet)

    Me too ! They were bought by GXN Networks & finally Pipex
  10. Does the BB sync with any system ? Reason I ask is when syncing mine (BB 9700) there was options to sync everything, or just "hot-list" contacts. This was with RNS-E & never got it to choose but maybe worth a look. I know the first sync took a while to come through & I must have nearer 200 contacts - does missed/recent calls sync, if so maybe just needs to take it for a (longish) drive?
  11. Parking and the brain dead folk

    I was going to say, fair play to him, bumper scuffs or no bumper scuffs for getting in there ! Where are the skid marks from the handbrake turn ? There are actually some awful things you can attach to your car to stop/reduce this stupidity but in this sort of situation they would probably be a good idea, plus make a prison sentence less likely... ETA - Here you are - http://www.cmgdistributions.co.uk/, although looking at them are magnetic so maybe not as much use as had first hoped
  12. I think I would get the plastic versions & have them painted to match the car as replacements as not only chepaer, but being a bit more discreet, less likely to get stolen again, or good tip from Ian on plastic silver ones if staying with the S4 look.
  13. Reverse Parking Sensors. A4 cab.

    I think if you get the valance off you can get to them without removing the bumper itself as a few have gone on RS4s, may be a bit tricky though. I would also be sure is the sensors themselves, rather than the controller before replacing them if you have good (or young enough) ears you can hear them clicking if put your ear near each one in turn. My guess would be GRU is probably to indicate it is/isn't painted, rather than any interchangeability or lack of. The fuse probably covers more than the sensors, but the dash button should let you turn them off or you can probably disable with VCDS
  14. B7 RS4 disc's and pads

    PW Motorsport via eBay is a good source for disks, pads you can go OEM or look for Pagid for similar to OEM performance or EBC yellow are popular upgrade pad as suggested rs246 best place to start for these. Pads - Gen PAGID front brake pads Audi RS4 V8 NEW | eBay Discs - Genuine Audi RS4 V8 Front Discs NEW | eBay Fitting is very easy (basic DIY) so maybe 800 all in (if pay an independent to fit them) for the lot there fronts, probably budget the same for the rears
  15. Whilst I would not expect exessive use of my car whilst being serviced, I did manage to put 300 miles on my A3 loan car whilst my Audi was having warranty work !
  16. It is only really suitable for a museum as if you rode it, would probably seize up anyway as carb intakes will be perished, oil pump fail etc. or if not the single disc was horrible & the rubber hoses used to expand without 30 years of aging thrown into the mix Nice to see a classic LC again but in no way is it worth 10k even to a collector as it doesn't look like a "real" LC as is lacking 350 upgrade, Swarbricks, big carbs, drop bars & crash damage...
  17. Michelin PS3 review

    That's interesting as the Michelin Pilot Super Sports seem to be showing good durabilty on RS4s
  18. You can buy the individual connectors on eBay - look for waterproof connector pins or superseal connector etc. The just crimp on but are a bit tricky to get just right so they click into the housing properly, shouldn't be a problem if don't need to connect/disconnect frequently.
  19. You need a Bluetooth kit for the phone, the Audi one is really nice but won't let you stream audio. The TV can also be retrofitted but I think this is expensive as was analogue so needs digital bits to work post switchoff. Craigyb on here specialises in this sort of thing - index
  20. Sorry, if you haven't already tried I would say almost certainly yes. I updated mine from 2006 to 2008 and it loaded the TMC firmware but as this was the last firware change then it should just take the map DVD just as mine will happily swap from 2006 to 2008 maps and when I see a cheap 2010/11 DVD I will be updating my maps. If you want to be really thorough have a quick look or ask at RNS-E | Audi Forum
  21. I haven't tried this but AFAIK the last firmware update was circa 2007 which enabled TMC in the UK after that is just the maps that changed & no additional/varied functions on the RNS-E
  22. Bose Lifestyle systems

    Don't forget VAT will increase by 2.5% on 6th Jan so may want to see them before then & leave a large, refundable deposit if you don't want to actually buy til a bit later in the year.
  23. Ice and Council liability

    They have probably got a liability to the entire community so can't be held responsible for specific situations, just as if you called the police & they were too busy, you wouldn't be able to sue for any damage you suffered even if they could have stopped/prevented it by attending.
  24. Radio/Sat Nav won't turn off.

    The firmware probably changed the functionality so must have been confusing !
  25. Radio/Sat Nav won't turn off.

    Try pressing the power button for longer, on mine (A4) short press = mute, long press = power off