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    Being only 21 its hard work affording an Audi, got one at last though.
    <br />Like doing my watersports, when i get time. Anyone else into their kayaking? Trying to get a website up and running, but just finding time is difficult.


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    Kayaking, sailing, rowing, re buidling my car
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  1. My audi S2 wont start!!??? :( need help!

    Probably worth trying www.s2forum.com someone is bound to have answer. Greg
  2. RS2 Rain Water Leak

    it could be the sunroof drain pipes which run down the door pillar. or there is the scuttle panel across the front below the windscreen. make sure the rubber seal is over this and not tucked in otherwise water can leak thru here. or finally it could be your door seals. greg
  3. Buying an RS2...

    They arent too bad to maintain, its very important to get one thats been well serviced and maintained, though mileage isnt so much of a problem with them. Check www.s2forum.com since the RS2 is almost the same car there is alot of knowledge & advice on here so work a try. greg

    As did the mitsi 3000GTO. It certainly isnt new technology though, I should imagine it was even tried before the porsche 959 but the problem with sequential turbos is getting the right control on them and being able to run without a dip in the power where the bigger turbo takes over. Greg
  5. Cobra Monaco Bucket Seats

    pic 2
  6. I Bought these for my project a little while back but I have decided not to use them for now. Someone asked me on forum about seats before, cant remember who it was though. Anyway they are still within FIA homologation period & the harness have the bolts with them. £220 pm me for any details or to look at them. One seat has a small cig burn on seat bolster though.
  7. EV Eliminator Subs

    Pair of EV Elminator Subs Fitted with EV 18" 400Wrms cont drivers. I have owned these units for two years and have recently upgraded to a Funktion-One soundsystem. Call 07740346220 or email [email protected] http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5712985320&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  8. EV Eliminators

    Pair of EV Elminator Mid Tops. Fitted with EV 15" 350Wrms cont drivers and 1" compression driver tweeter. I have owned these units for two years and have recently upgraded to a Funktion-One soundsystem. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5712984371&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  9. Audi Driver International

    Yeah should be along to this one, along with a load of us from the S2forum. Greg
  10. Rolling Road.....

    on the subject of rolling roads im looking at arranging a meet for the S2's and trying to find a 4wd RR in the midlands. any ideas? Greg
  11. Passat W8 brake discs

    Yeah im only the otherside of Bedford, its a question of finding a dealers who has some on the shelf to measure. Greg
  12. Passat W8 brake discs

    Hi, I am trying to find some information out about the 330 x 32mm brake discs fitted to the W8 passat and hoping you guys can help. I need to know the hat height of the disc. i.e. the distance from the bottom of the disc face to the top face where the wheel mounts onto. And also if possible the thickness of the hat and diameter. I am looking at using these discs on a brake conversion on my Audi S2, my usual place is www.s2forum.com Thanks in advance Greg
  13. Audi Quattro?

    Try the Quattro Owners club site or Audi Driver. there is one in there this month that is massivley over priced at 10500 though. Have you all been voting for the Quattro too?
  14. S2/RS2 owners meet

    Hi All, On the S2forum we are arranging a meet for one of the last two weeks in august at billing aquadrome. If your interested see S2 Forum Midlands Meet
  15. Speaker wiring

    take the rear speakers out and check the connections. on mine there was a small jumper lead on the speaker connection which powered up the maine speaker and the tweeter was wired straight thru so get that out and check with a multimeter the wiring to the head unit.