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  1. 2013 Golf or pre-reg car?

    Ha ha didn't know sniff petrol did reviews. Good read, thanks for posting
  2. 2013 Golf or pre-reg car?

    The MINI is a lot of fun and has been reliable, bar one issue the dealer fixed in about 10 minutes. I'm still weighing up a used GTD or the new Golf 2.0 TDI or 1.6 TDI now. Has anyone driven the 1.6 TDI in the Mark 6 or 7 (think it's the same engine). Read one review here Mk7 VW Golf 1.6 TDI Review - Economical, but Too Slow? | carbuzz.co.uk said it was a bit too slow and that the 2.0 TDI was a better choice, but it's a fair whack more money.
  3. My Park Lane BMW experience

    They do have some odd looking cars in there. Though there was a nice matte red X5 a few weeks ago!
  4. 2013 Golf or pre-reg car?

    Considering getting a Golf to replace a rather old (new) Mini. Seen some good deals on pre-reg mark 6 Golfs, but considering waiting for the 2013 Golf. Pre-reg cars I have seen seem to be around £5k less than a new Golf, but the new Golf may depreciate slower as it's a newer model. They look similar from the outside and the engine I want (1.4 TSI) is virtually the same. Any thoughts?
  5. Johnny English has a decent one!
  6. A Proper Audi?

    Been comparing this to a Golf. Audi doesn't look that bad considering the extra 'cache' the badge brings, which should help reduce depreciation rate too. Reviews for the engine I've been looking at seem pretty good too - Audi A1 1.4 TFSI reviews | carbuzz.co.uk
  7. New RS1 pictures.

    Even if that does make production it's not going to be out for years. Think how long it took to bring out the RS3 for the A3!
  8. Facelifted Audi A4 - Opinions?

    Link here wide shots of facelift one next to new one. Isn't easy to spot the differences - Audi A4 Facelift - Whats Different?
  9. What are peoples thoughts on the new Audi A4 facelift? Only big change seems to be fuel consumption is down 11% throughout the range.
  10. HPI Check for Finance

    Google for it and there's a whole load advertising their prices. They're all using the same databases, so the results should be the same
  11. The Countryman

    Saw two today, one in white and one in some horrible pastel blue. Not a fan. Why is it they are bringing a load of ugly cars out in that segment at the moment. First the Juke, now this. Reviews of both have been decent: Nissan | Juke | Reviews | Carbuzz Mini | Countryman | Reviews | Carbuzz which will no doubt attract buyers, but they don't have to be so ugly. Personally I'd save a little more and go for a Freelander. Some decent off-road ability, good badge and some fuel-efficient engines now.
  12. Ferrari Opus

    Lol - Or £7.99 on the Kindle!
  13. GranCabrio S

    Would prefer the Granturismo MC Stradale
  14. Mansory DB9....Listen to this think!!!

    Surprisingly tasteful for Mansory.
  15. Every review so far has give it 10/10! - McLaren | MP4-12C | Reviews | Carbuzz It must have been a bad week for Ferrari, what with awesome reviews of their closest competitor and Chris Harris slagging em off.