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  1. Crazy rear wiper

    Not that I could see. Washer was still OK so I imagine it was only a small leak. This is what the Audi garage told me anyway.
  2. how to top up brake fluid

    Its not a topup. They do a complete change of the fluid so not a job for an average driver in my opinion. I seem to remember mine costing more than £65.00 so it is probably a reasonable price.
  3. Crazy rear wiper

    Had the same problem with mine. Was caused by leak from rear washer allowing water to get into electrics. Needed new rear wiper motor - fortunately under warranty!
  4. A3 2.0 TDI DSG Hesitation

    My 2004 TDI with DSG hesitates and jumps a lot. I had a 1.8TFSI DSG on loan recently and it was a totally different experience - really smooth and responsive. Dealer told me it was diesel turbo lag. I've just got used to it. I'm replacing it soon with another 2.0 TDI but manual this time.
  5. DSG Blown Up!!!!!!!!!

    Good point. Always read the small print I'll check with the dealer re ECU warranty as well. Dave
  6. DSG Blown Up!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds a lot cheaper than a new gearbox. I think I'll look into it. Thanks for the info. Dave
  7. DSG Blown Up!!!!!!!!!

    Crawley Audi have told me that the part is going to have to be ordered from Germany and will take up to 10 days. Don't know if the ECU and Mechatronics module mentioned by Geoff are all in one unit, but sounds dodgy!! I am definately going to investigate getting a warranty on the box past 3 years, or looking at extended warranties for the whole car. Anyone done that already. How much do they cost? Dave
  8. DSG Blown Up!!!!!!!!!

    Loan Car just turned up. Brand new A4 Avant S-Line but a 1.9 diesel Still looks nice. RAC have taken away the A3 on a low loader, so wait now for dealer report and see how long it takes to fix
  9. DSG Blown Up!!!!!!!!!

    So there I was driving home last night, just turned right at a junction and accelerated away. As the box changed into 3rd, there was a huge bang from under the bonnet and the box went into neutral. Fortunately, there was not much traffic about and I managed to coast to a halt. Turned the engine off and restarted - all seemed OK. Drove home carefully. This morning, driving to work it did it again, this time whilst changing down (probably to 3rd again). Called Audi Assistance and the guy diagnosed a faulty ECU in the gearbox which will need to be replaced. Can't drive the car. He is arranging a loan car and a tow back to the dealer. Don't know if the ECU can be replaced on its own or whether it is a whole new gearbox, as apparently the ECU is inside the gearbox. Car has done 41K miles and I had the gearbox oil changed at 38K as per dealers recommendation. Good job its still in warranty - just!!!!
  10. A3 2.0TDI Sport - Missing a beat at idle - Help!!

    [ QUOTE ] update... just had a call to say the cars thrown errors on diagnostics for the dash pod, a vacuum pipe, cooling fans and the engine wiring loom. parts are on order and i get the car back hopefully next wednesday! WRT the clutch judder, gotta wait and see if these repairs cure it, if it doesnt its going back in to have the flywheel / clutch checked! will let you know if this cures the problem! [/ QUOTE ] Any news?
  11. A3 2.0TDI Sport - Missing a beat at idle - Help!!

    The Injector fault sounds promising. Keep us informed
  12. A3 2.0TDI Sport - Missing a beat at idle - Help!!

    Mine does the same when cold. Revs go between 800 - 900. I have a DSG and it sometimes actually stalls if you try and pull away as the revs sink. Mine is an 04 with 36K and has been doing it for the last 6 months. Due for a service soon so was going to ask them to look at it then. If you find out whats causing the problem - please let me know. Dave
  13. Aircon broken?

    Mine packed up after about 15 months and had to have the compressor replaced. If your car is two years old it will still be under warranty anyway
  14. 2.0TDI SE DSG Stalling when cold

    Yes, Mine has always jerked when putting it into drive unless I keep my foot on the footbrake to allow the clutch to engage slightly before accelerating. It is indeed a quirk of DSG boxes. The stalling problem has only occurred recently though. The engine revs are not constant and if you select gear while the revs are dipping, when the clutch kicks in it just seems to kill the engine.
  15. 2.0TDI SE DSG Stalling when cold

    What software? Is it DGG related or ECU? The engine seems to be rough when it is likely to stall. It does not idle consistantly when cold.