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  1. Air suspension

    I think all D3 A8s have air suspension. The choice is standard or sport suspension, sport being lower and with slightly firmer bushings etc AFAIK.
  2. two days with new a8 in germany with audi

    Only for those 10-in-1 overtaking runs that Lincolnshire has to be full of if you want to get anywhere, then the extra grunt of the 4.2 TDI really helps! But the 3.0 TDI really is no slouch though, and I'm sure it would be perfectly usable for motorway and rural A-road work.
  3. En-ger-land Flags on cars...

    Oh, and a decent flag should be a proper-size one, fabric, and should be mounted the right way up (amazing how many Union Flags aren't!).
  4. En-ger-land Flags on cars...

    There wasn't an option for chavvy but not racist! I do have England flags about, and if I'd the room I'd put up a proper flagpole and fly a St George on it regularly. I do think the "bumper car antenna" plastic flags trapped in a window are a bit chavtastic though - the things are cheap crap that inevitably fall off and litter the roadside, and admit it - the chavs do go overboard in trying to cram as many flags on a single Corsa as they can. Now't wrong with the flag, it's all about context.
  5. two days with new a8 in germany with audi

    Lucky dad! The 4.2 TDI was my favourite by far - on the 'bahn we had an Audi staff car behind us "encouraging" us to go faster - hit 250 km/h easily with room to do more! Merc 4-Matic leaving the new A8 for dead? No chance. The A8 takes off pretty well because of the low 1st and 2nd gearing, and once you get into a corner, that sport differential really throws the back end round if you've got enough revs to feed the power in. I got told off in the BMW 540d - at the end of the run, coming out of the braking section, I went 30 feet down the concrete to turn round, and with the gearbox in "manual" I hoofed it in 1st gear and yanked the wheel trying to get the back end out! A very serious lady said "Mr Schumacher, you can drive quickly on the course, not out here..."
  6. two days with new a8 in germany with audi

    BTW, while there I asked about D4 S8, and was told it "might be" a 4.2 litre V8, and "blown" and on the track sessions, I asked one of the drivers and he said "roots-type charger, very fast, very easy power". Now that's just rumour, but a supercharged V8 at about 500 PS would be nice in that chassis with the sport differential, no?
  7. two days with new a8 in germany with audi

    Looks like the same event I went to at the end of April. Stay in the Grand Hyatt, Berlin? Looks like the same ex-Soviet military base for the slaloms and track work. Obviously the slaloms were set up to show the A8 off to it's best advantage, but it really did kick the a**e of the 5-Series and S-Class didn't it? The S-Class was by far the worst of the three cars IMHO, puddingy and untidy, and with stupid illogical control layouts. What's with that PRND stick on the steering column? Tracking the 3.0 TDI was quite good fun, but after driving the 4.2 TDI (and given what I've been driving the last few years!) it felt like it could have done with a bit more oomph!
  8. Of much interest, please let us know if you hear anything, thanks!
  9. New A8 pictures

    Looks even better in the metal, IMHO. 4.2 TDI goes like the clappers too.
  10. What is 'sun protection glass'?

    Depends. Audi have "privacy glass", which is tinted rear windows (B pillar backwards) and some models (A8 and perhaps A6, not sure about B8 A4/5) can also have UV-reflective glass. On A8s, this is usually a UV-reflective version of the transparent film between the dual panes of glass. It also reflects mobile phone signals pretty well, and GPS signals almost entirely, so if you have it you need a full-blown car kit and built-in NAV or a re-radiating antenna for GPS signals.
  11. I'd really like to merge my two handsets, but good Exchange email and calendaring on the move is a must. I know Nokia do support it, but it's not as functional as WinMo IMHO. I guess I'm looking at the HD2 then. Shame it doesn't have the Desire's OLED screen.
  12. Gaaah! What are you using these days then Craig? Something with rSAP?
  13. Really are they worthwhile with the Audi Bluetooth kits? What about rural areas where the signal is a bit bad? I've got a real dilemma with phones. I currently have a Nokia 6500 Classic and an HTC Touch Pro (WinMo) phone. I'm looking for an upgrade and to merge the phones into one smartphone. The Nokia has been great at rSAP, so I've had a better signal in Lincolnshire's slightly hilly bits, but it still does have a few flat spots (O2). I'm a bit concerned that if I upgrade to an iPhone, or an Android phone (I like the look of the HTC Desire) I might end up with a much poorer signal and a phone that I effectively can't use in the car (and I'd have wasted money on Bluetooth high!). The only modern smartphone I'd consider that has rSAP is the HTC HD2 running WinMo. Sense looks very nice, but the reviews all say that there's niggling little bits of WinMo behind the scenes that aren't finger-friendly. What about dual-SIM? Anyone know if Vodafone still offer this? It would be nice if one mobile number worked when I was in the car or not without me having to remember to divert calls. Anyone got any thoughts? Is the lure of a nice shiny new smartphone worth giving up rSAP for?
  14. IMHO both have pluses and minuses. I loved the Tip in the RS 6, it was pretty much faultless once the transmission fluid warmed up (the only foible before then was a slight clunk if you shifted under hard throttle at about 3000 rpm), and the new 8-speed box is superb. But I also like the 7-speed S-Tronic in my S4. When you're able to go sequentially through the gears in either direction it's incredible, but I have lazy habits from Tip that trip it up - in "manual" I'd freewheel from speed down to a speed limit or junction or whatever, and Tip would drop through the gears so that when it came to putting some power on again, it was already in a gear that was suitable, even if the revs were low. The S-Tronic in "manual" mode seems to hang on to higher gears down to much lower speeds, and as a result you can find yourself still in 5th gear when 3rd would have been more appropriate, with low revs and S-Tronic clutches out to avoid engine stall, and isn't always that quick to realise it needs to cog down a few more gears. I guess I just need to adapt to the behaviour differences and realise that if I'm in "manual" I need to carry some responsibility for choosing the right gear!
  15. Partly, yes. DSG style systems that can handle a lot of torque can be made but they won't be cheap. Torque converters can handle the (800Nm?) of the new V8 TDI. Also, with lots of gears, a planetary arrangement like a traditional auto can be more compact than even a dual-shaft linear gearbox. With lots of gears, planetary systems might be more effective at selecting any target gear within a pre-determined time frame - The 6-speed Tip is a lot more consistent in shift speed than I've found DSG to be yet, apart from sequential up/down runs, which DSG excels at.