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  1. So i want to get some some bluetooth headphones of joy that i can use for skype, mobile and listening to music, apparently it's the done thing. Buggered if i can find a product that does all three well.... Basically it's this functionality Jabra EXTREME - FOR PC | Headsets And Earbuds - Skype Shop but in a stereo headset. Any ideas?
  2. hi, just wondering if any of you out their purchase type domain hosting serviecs and if you do how much you pay? all help apreciated!
  3. The TSN photography studio

    I agree! Took this one a couple of weeks ago from North Head in Sydney... the uber hot weather made for some pretty special sun sets. 7D with a 24-105 F/4L
  4. Small SUV Choice

    Peter Schreyer, who was credited with designing the TT, is the head of design at Kia Peter Schreyer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It is plasticy, but it's got a 5 year warranty (8 maybe in the UK?) has enough standard features to make most Q5's look under spec'd, handles well and is cheap. Oh and i reckon it beats the CX5 and the Tiguan in every way with the exception of economy (CX5 wins) and cabin quality (well spec'd tiguan wins, but you pay for it). But the Q5 and the X3 are definitely in a different class. The X3 is a great car, but it's fugly!
  5. Small SUV Choice

    if you're looking at the CX5 I'd say it's worth looking at the Korean Audi's as well (Kia Sportage). Just won Which? car manufacturer of the year.
  6. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    Ah that explains why the weather just turned ****, you brought Melbourne with you!
  7. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    Balls Canon EOS 5D Mark III In stock today
  8. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    It's the same no reason i went from a 550d to a 7d though and i'll be damned if it's going to stop me there! Sad part is, i think i took better photos on the 550d when i wasn't trying to use all 1967AF point and 7 trillion frames per second. So when can i actually buy a 5d mk3 then?
  9. Which Bluetooth headphones - mobile / skype / music ?

    I can see the suspense on what i bought has been keeping you up at night so to put you out of your misery, I bought these... Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset w/ Microphone (Black)[Retail Packaging]: Cell Phones & Accessories I don't think they do exactly what i want, but they're cheap, and frankly, i think Motorola could use the business.
  10. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    Seems it's gonna have a HDR builtin to the camera too... Canon 5D Mark III Review HDR Mode
  11. Canon 5D Mark III about to be released

    What's with all the AF points? I only ever seem to use one... Hopefully it will force the price of the MKII down and i'll get one of them.
  12. The TSN photography studio

    Nice, what HDR software you using? I had a go with photoshop CS5 built in thingyamajig and it came out ok... doesn't seem as good as yours mind, as there's a fair bit of ghosting around the rocks on the left
  13. The TSN photography studio

    Yes, yes that's what i did - like a storm chaser. (it's from my flat)
  14. The TSN photography studio

    Ta. If it's any consolation, it looked like this here last night:
  15. The TSN photography studio

    Just tried to get to grips with the circular polarizer thing this weekend. It defo makes stuff look a ton better when it's a bright day.
  16. Collecte our new Tiguan today

    is 140 even enough to move a 1700kg vehicle!? where's the joy in that? I do love all that bluemotion shizzel though, so might have to do it anyhow. What's the boot space like then? (I've changed)
  17. Collecte our new Tiguan today

    Was thinking about getting a 2012 Tiguan... Is this the model with the "Blue" technology going on? start/stop and all that jazz? We only get one diesel down here... which is 103... and i don't think 103kw is 170ps.
  18. Firefox 6.0 Download

    Oh it's officially out now.. nothing to see here.
  19. Firefox 6.0 Download

    It's not quite out officially yet but it can be downloaded from here: No real visual improvements, but it runs a hell of a lot better than 5.0
  20. Mk5 Golf GTI - Replacing the air filter

    Yeah looks like you're right, thanks. Not wrong found this DIY - Engine Cover Removal - VW GTI Forum / VW Rabbit Forum / VW R32 Forum / VW Golf Forum - and this - Howto: Change FSI (2.0T) Air Filter [PICS] which seem to have all the details... Ta.
  21. Just wondering if anyone has a pic of where the air filter is on the on Mk5 Golf GTI? Do you have to remove the engine cover to get to it?
  22. The TSN photography studio

    Aye Mac was spot on, bronte pool is two beaches down...
  23. The TSN photography studio

    Hahah every Thursday! When the swell is big, doesn't take long to get plenty of sand in it. Thanks. Well it wasn't so bad i needed to break out photo shop, but there was a fair bit of light room work done to it. Here's the original:
  24. The TSN photography studio

    Quick one of bondi i snapped this morning. She was looking proper moody.
  25. Tell me this is CGI !!

    Feck me that's pretty impressive... I don't think my fat (200kg) three wheeler (del boy) could do it... ...or could it