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  1. The Matrix Runs On Windows!

    The blue screen of death! I've got to pass this around.
  2. Women Drivers!*

    The green car in the car park with the stop clock cracked me up! ROFLMAO.
  3. Brilliant! That made my day.
  4. At the moment my rear bumper is missing a mesh. I was going to use the Epoxy to glue the mesh to the bumper. But since the bumper needed some repair work the bodyshop will repair the bumper and fit the mesh using their method. It's just a waste to bin them.
  5. (Quantity 2x) 1 hour Epoxy Resin I bought these resin and ended up not needing them. They're still new and unopened. £5.50 inc postage. Exactly the same as the photo illustration here: Product description: Manufacturer: Bondloc • Simple to apply • Bonds a wide range of materials • Cures in 1 hour • Supplied in a 28ml hand syringe B2011 is ideal for bonding metals and plastics including stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, cast iron and aluminium. Ideal for applications where surfaces to be bonded are not close fitting.
  6. RS6 first review

    With it already being overweight can you imagine adding up the options, it would just increase the weight further. Sources I've read says it's well equipped and perhaps Audi are trying to justify the costs by saying its better equipped than it's rivals, not just the extra power? It would be interesting to see how the saloon performs. Some sources say it's ~60kg lighter.
  7. New model rollout

    I reckon the R4 is similar to what's supposed to be the Audi quattro Spyder but was never launched.
  8. New model rollout

    There's no mention of the B8-S4.
  9. The mother of all plates?

    Saw WWW.3 plate on a Volvo 4x4 driving around in Ipswich. Seen it several times. But is it legal?
  10. I wonder how people will interpret its image. I bought this Peugeot 308RC Z because I couldn't afford a real TT. I wouldn't be surprised if someone did a photoshop with Audi rings stucked to it.
  11. News - Audi A1 Sketches break cover

    I like the version I saw in Auto Express a while back. It doesn't look too different to those sketches.
  12. The best Audi advert ever?

    This still remains one of my favourites. Audi retains the crown at Le Mans. R10 TDI
  13. The mother of all plates?

    Saw M3 SUX on a Bimmer E36 parked on a drive. Not sure why he/she chose that plate.
  14. RS4 1.8T

    I saw an A3 (3P double grill) badged S3 on the left but 2.0T on the right. Nice try.
  15. Found this videoclip: