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  1. what miles

    Goodyear F1 Eagles last me about 10,000.
  2. Mk 4 Milltek Catback Exhaust Fitting.

    The only problem I have is that the tailpipes stick out at slightly different lengths when cold but they are even when hot. If that makes sence...
  3. Beetle RSI

    Raced one about two months ago, thought it was a normal beetle with a spoiler and a different front end until I looked it up. I beat it but not by much.
  4. So it begins ..... mega meet in pipeline

    Sounds an outstanding idea, I'll be there no matter what!!! Dai
  5. milltek manifolds and Hi flow CATS...

    [ QUOTE ] Just to be clear, guys - this relates to the Mk5 R32 only, the Milltek cats for the Mk4 R32 are fine [/ QUOTE ] This thread had me worried for a while until Mook pointed out its the MK5 and not the MK4 that the problems lay with. Im have the full system fitted on Monday by Westek and a REVO stage 2 with a carbonio at the same time
  6. I give up - Milltek on Wednesday

    [ QUOTE ] Its not £1300 ! I an having cat back, Is the £1300 for the full system including cats? [/ QUOTE ] Dont know what happened then, I didnt get all your quote for some reason..Yeh its the full system including cats!!
  7. I give up - Milltek on Wednesday

    [ QUOTE ] Its not £1300 ! I an having cat back Is the £1300 full system. [/ QUOTE ] Its costing me £1,300, its the full system!!
  8. I give up - Milltek on Wednesday

    [ QUOTE ] dai, let us know who u get on !! ta [/ QUOTE ] Will do matey, just got to wait for the exhaust to materialise
  9. I give up - Milltek on Wednesday

    My Millteks costing me £1,300 getting it fitted at Westec very very soon, that said its been on order for 3 weeks now. Getting a REVO remap while I'm there!!
  10. Are APS a good company for remaps?

    Thats put a spanner in the works!!!Revo has its problems and Superchips are cxxp...Can someone give me some advice or somewhere thats reputable for a remap!!
  11. Are APS a good company for remaps?

    Superchips it is then. Cheers Decked. Nice pics by the way!!!
  12. Are APS a good company for remaps?

    <font color="blue"> Im having a full system milltek fitted at the end of the month at a cost of £1,300. I need to get the car remapped, Ive a chance of getting it done local to where I live, they do Superchips, or the firm thats fitting my milltek do revo stage 1 and 2. The question is do I get the revo done or get the superchips?? Thanks in advance </font>
  13. R32 Pen picture..........

    <font color="blue">Got the pen but have you tried to get a re-fill????? </font>
  14. Mk5 R32 - Which colour should I get?

    Get a <font color="blue">blue </font> one...then again I'm biased!!!
  15. Focus ST

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Had a blue Focus ST estate up me rear, I was joining the M4 at junct 45 east bound. He flashed his lights and obviously wanted a race, I declined until he under took me on the slip road leading onto the M4. I was in 5th and changed to 3rd and booted it. He kept up with me until xxx then I started pulling away. I reached quite a high speed then he put his BLUE lights on that were hidden in his grill. I slowed down to 70, he caught up laughed at me and made a motion with his hand to slow down. He then gave me the up and went on his merry way. 2 Months later and still I've not heared nowt. That'll teach me I suppose. [/ QUOTE ] Now if memory serves me correctly my Welsh friend, havent you just got your license back after a ban?. A little less right foot down is needed me thinks !!!! [/ QUOTE ] tspar, Im surprised you remember my speeding post. As far as a little less right foot goes, its hard not too dont you think!! All the best mate