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  1. Hi Guys, a bit embarrassed about this, i am a mechanic/tech and got this 55 plate Audi A4 2.0TDI in the shop last week, customer already had the car at a local garage (where he’s cheap) to have a water pump fitted due to poor/no coolant circulation as the guys blower would not produce hot air. When this didn’t work the car was brought to me. I check heater matrix for possible blockage issues and removed both pipes. Both were hot but i only got a trickle of water from the feed pipe and only when engine was revved quite high. I checked pipe work over at the EGR assembly where it is also indicating poor circulation in a similar manner when under higher revs. I checked the metal pipe which leads back towards coolant tank and feeds bottom of radiator and the coolant just sits on the elbow as there’s not enough pressure to force it up. Needless to say there is virtually no return to the header tank. There is no coolant loss that is noticeable and i have been keeping an eye out for that. The car does not overheat at all under any driving conditions. There is no warm air being produced inside the cabin. There are no diagnostic faults codes. There just appears to be no pressure in coolant system and if I didn’t know better i would say that impeller has probably become detached from water pump, but with water pump being replaced the day before i got it i know this is not the case (the guy that done it is genuine) I have been trying to get a hold of a coolant directional flow diagram just to see a definite direction in which way the coolant should flow so I can home in step by step. One thing that did catch my eye is the coolant (at least in my opinion) appeared to be coming out of the wrong hose to the heater matrix, i though that should have been the return hose but i may be wrong. if anyone has a directional flow for the coolant system please get in touch and i will forward my email address to you. Or if anyone has experienced this issue or something similar then let me know as I’m a bit pickled. As a rule of thumb the radiator should not come into the equation as it should still produce good circulation and heat when thermostat is shut. I monitored the coolant temp from diagnostic machine while running it up and thermostat can be seen opening in any case. HELP HELP HELP! :rolleyes::eek: