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  1. MMI version

    So picked the car up at the weekend… Really pleased with everything but a couple more questions for you guys… 1. Got a low battery charge message pop up on screen the day I picked it up whilst filling up the tank. Is this normal bearing in mind the car has been sat in a dealers yard for 3 weeks or should I get it checked? This message hasn't appeared since the fuel stop and I have been driving the car all weekend! 2. The MMI software version is BNav_EU_P0022_D1. Is there a newer update available and if there is, are there any benefits if I wish to upgrade? Thanks once again!
  2. MMI version

    Thanks for the info! I didn't buy the car from an audi dealership but I will give my local one a call to see what they can offer me in terms of the latest DVD and software update if required. What is the most recent software update and when was it released by the way? I did notice the 2 SD card slots in the glovebox so I may be using those to play MP3s from if you say that is an option. I take it the normal 6 CD changer plays MP3 discs as the symphony does in my current A4? Oh and another question that has probably been asked a billion times (sorry)… Does a SDHC card work in the SD slot? Cheers again!
  3. MMI version

    Thanks for the reply… So if I wanted to update the software or get the latest nav disc, firstly how would I find out if I had the latest versions and secondly, If required, where would i get these from? Oh and will the MMI be generation 1, 2 or 3? Cheers
  4. MMI version

    Hi Guys Just bought a 2010 A6 Le Mans (pick it up next week) and this is the first Audi I will have owned that has the MMI. As far as I know its the standard Le Mans spec but I was just wondering which version of the MMI would be fitted? All I know is that the car was registered May 2010 and it has a disc navigation system. Would this model also have an aux socket as standard? (I forgot to look!) Many thanks
  5. I need new tyres

    No idea why they went so quick? The tyre geezer said the car was balanced correctly so put it down to hard driving which is a load of ****e. The tyres that came with the car were continental sportcontact 2 (235/45/18) so avoid them like the plague in my opinion. Still got 4mm on back 2 so they can stay on for another 6 months. I'm told I should get upto 20k from the Good years so we shall see…
  6. I need new tyres

    Had 2 Assymetrics put on my front of my 8 month old A4 Avant 2.0 TDI sp ed (170) last week after the original 2 were scrubbed after only 8500k miles. They cost £250 fitted and they feel great!
  7. New A4(B8) Avant

    Avant is at your local dealer on saturday fellas
  8. A4 valuation

    why does it surprise me? errr let me see . . . maybe the £24 to £26k price tag on the audi approved cars website?
  9. A4 valuation

    Check this then and weep if anyone is thinking of chopping in a B7 . . . Last week i got a price from my local VW garage on my current motor. I have a Oct 2007 57 plate A4 Avant 2.0 TDI (170) S Line Special Edition Phantom Black with Symphony BOSE and Executive Pack (Auto wipers, lights and bluetooth car kit) plus all the additional sp ed goodies and 6k on the clock. This cars list price was nearly £29k when i bought it 7 months ago, it still looks immaculate and you know what the [email protected] offered me? £20k ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  10. A3 2.0 TDI 170 MPG

    My 3 Door 2.0TDI 140bhp did 49mpg. My current Sportback with same engine does 43mpg. Exactly the same journey every day but with a lot more options than the 3 Door. I'm guessing the difference is due to the weight of the car? A4 2.0TDI 170bhp is on order and now I'm anxious!!!
  11. News - First leaked pictures of the new Audi A4 !!

    Very subtle exterior changes, major interior changes. Its an A5 copy inside the cabin which looks very upmarket. It just looks 'ok' which in one hand disappoints me after seeing various amazing artists impressions over the last 6 months but on the other hand i'm pleased as i've just ordered an Avant so i'm not thinking 'f**k that looks amazing, what have i done?' Having said that I thought the new TT looked very average until I saw one in the steel!
  12. News - First leaked pictures of the new Audi A4 !!

    Surely that cannot be the next generation A4? If it is then the designers want shooting!
  13. Bluetooth question

    The iPhone is incredible! Totally brilliant! How do I know? Because yesterday I was messing about with one for about half an hour! One of the blokes I work with has a lad who works in the states and he is back in the UK for 2 weeks to visit his family and bought along with him his brand new $600 iPhone! And the weird thing is he only bought the phone with him to show it off to all his mates here in the UK but it works perfectly on O2! This phone is so smooth as you scroll through the phonebook or photo library and the screen is bright and pin sharp! Oh and it looks stunning!! iPhone shite? Yeah right!!!!
  14. Some advice please....

    [ QUOTE ] I doubt you'll get more than £19,500 for it, stick it on for £20k and see if you get a bite. The main problem being a new one is only £23,660 and you can get 10% off A4's quite easily from dealers. [/ QUOTE ] I have just got 10% off my new avant but thats only because my dealer is a good friend of mine and this is my fourth new car from him. I have tried 2 other dealers and the most they would give me was 5%! 10% is unheard of and according to my friend, a dealer will only offer that discount on fleet sales.
  15. Bluetooth question

    Blackberry . . . . . . iPhone . . . . . . . . . .