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  1. Next Essex meet 16/11/04

    I'll see if i can make this one with my grandad of a car!! havn't been around for a while you see!
  2. Prefered Newsreader

    If you mean Usenet newsreaders then Xnews gets my vote...but that is for binaries
  3. Next Essex Meet 15th June

    WTF!!! i need to get those personal organisor thingies...or a new job!!
  4. Rain X

    [ QUOTE ] Some expensive aftershave then ?? [/ QUOTE ] No you tart!! some other stuff that i can't pronounce the name of!
  5. Next Essex Meet 15th June

    Fear not ppl!! i shall be attending this Essex Meet and shall vanquish any quizmaster!! In others words i might bring a laptop with Britannica Encyclopedia and MS Encarta to research my PHD while doing the quiz as well!!
  6. Rain X

    Usually comes off with some alchohol based liquids.
  7. another joke

  8. New House - HiFi

    Thats a great idea!....just finieshed decorating and when ppl come round they wonder why i have 4 sets of CAT5e sticking out of the corner in my living room....when i tell them it all goes under my stairs to my server..?!! Blank looks i tell ya!
  9. 36" TV .... help wanted....

    Personally i'd go for the Panny, Toshiba and Sony in that order. I have seen the Panny in 32inch size (PD30) and it was stunning both picture and looks wise. Two of my friends have the Tosh and Sony and both are good sets...the tosh has componant input i think and it looked great.
  10. MP3ing Cassettes/Vinyl

    I remeber i did this with an old tape....i think i used Easy CD Creator or Nero...it has a special tool that you use to record from vinyl or tape and it removes pops crackle and hiss....the latest version of Easy CD Creator should have it...have a look around for a download
  11. HELP

    Phew yer right mate..i have been avoiding her like the plague in recent weeks...
  12. HELP

    Dear Auntie Please help me! i have a dilemma...a mate of mine had just found out his wife had been seeing another man for 5 months..unfortunatly they had only been married for 2 months! in fact news is that the other guy was at the wedding!! anyway they have semi -patched things up... i went around there one week and had a chat with his wife about what happend and why...she said she was unhappy..and had only come back to rescue the marriage..but had now realised that it was the same old thing.! ....anyway...to cut a long story short..she started getting very flirty with me...so i promptly left and now very rarely go to there house!...what a hoe!
  13. Receptionist

    thats what i've been doing!! anyway looks like one of the Partners has had a complaint and she will be on her way out...wooohoo
  14. Receptionist

    Dear Auntie, I'm depressed at work because of our receptionist. She is very rude to me. When i first started she was very flirtatious but i ignored her advances as i thought her face and body were "a complete insurance right-off". Anyway since last year she has become very bitchy and rude...i'm embrassed to speak to her infront of my clients. She is aged 19 and has no advanced qualification and god knows how she got the job. What should i do? just give her one and let it be over and done with or push her infront of the 86 bus? help!
  15. Next Essex Meet - Thursday 18th March

    I'm still at bloody work... ...i've got to stop this prostitution...thats the real reason for me grion strain!
  16. Sony DVD Handycam DCR-DVD200E

    am i right in thinking that if you have a dvd camcorder you will be recording in mpeg2 format? in which case the encoding to mpeg2 will be done by the hardware on the camera. If this is the case then i reckon the cameras are just a gimmick...i would have thought that using DV tapes and then converting to DVD via a decent program on the PC would yeild better results...would a hardware encoder on such a small peice of equipment really remove any digital noise? but then again it's a easier way of watching the film you recorded on the tv.
  17. WANTED

    i'll put 2p worth in too! Sam seems like a great lass...so come on people lets help her find her mr right or even Mr rightish....um...i'll get me coat!!
  18. blue/white smoke at startup (A6 V6 30V 86,000mls)

    Hi m8 i have the same engine in my A4Q. I had this problem before too..most of my journeys were short too....anyway i wanted to get round to sorting it out with my mechanic..however soon one of my catalyitic convertors went! ...anyway cut a long story short had both of them replaced..and the problem has never occured again...perhaps the cats are now dealing with the white smoke..god knows!! i ain'tz no mechanic!
  19. I agree it can all be a bit daunting really! Just make sure the plasma caters for your needs. and if possible get a demo of one. What price range are you looking at? BTW i have heard nothing but good comments about Panasonic Plasmas..they really are decent screens along with pioneer (bit more pricey)and some hitachi ones. Make sure you know what connections are availble to you on the screens...whether the plasma has a seperate tuner box or do the connections come on the side of the plasma...i think some of the panasonic screen you can use what board is attached to the side.. i.e with either scart connection and svideo or others. I beleive the "D" int he above model signifies that it either comes with no connection board or the standard ones... here is a thread on Avforums which states the best prices around for screen and connection boards. Panny Plasma Prices check the other threads too.
  20. Next Essex Meet - Thursday 18th March

    I should be there..may have to come straight from work!!
  21. Help choosing an MP3 player

    SK anywhere i can get info on the HD Minidisc? is this backward compatible or do you need new units?
  22. Pingu meets American psycho

    is 982.9 any good?
  23. DVD

    More than likely that when you backed it up..(depends what program) you selected to keep the french track only and didn't select the english one..therefore the backup only ripped out the french track....
  24. SCART RGB output

    Colin does that mean that he can only input the R, G and B from the scart and not the H/V sync? Also what is the arcam player outputting? and is it near the Yamada player...the reason i ask is if it had a RGB loopthrough then would it be possible to input the RGB into the Arcam and then say use the Arcams Componant out to the projector? i'm i chatting because we have to assume that the Arcam would output/convert the RGB in to componant. Which come to think of it now seems unlikely! Does the Yamada have an S-video out? even via scart? ..also what home cinema amp are you running if any?