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  1. Fantastic!! Lookin gooooouuuud UBM!
  2. My Dilemma...

    Audi Avant Length4586 mm - 15'1" Width1772 mm - 5'10" - exc. mirrorsHeight1427 mm - 4'8" Wheel Base2648 mm - 8'8" Split/Fold Rear SeatBoot Capacity442 litres (min) - 1184 litres (max) Kerb Weight1450 kg Towing Limit1400 kg BMW Touring 5 series Length4841 mm - 15'11" Width1846 mm - 6'1" - exc. mirrors Height1468 mm - 4'10" Wheel Base2888 mm - 9'6" Split/Fold Rear Seat - £345 Boot Capacity520 litres Gross Weight2060 kg Kerb Weight1575 kg Towing Limit1600 kg
  3. My Dilemma...

    [ QUOTE ] I know it handles better than the A4 but I still think the Avant looks sportier which brings me round again to this headache!! [/ QUOTE ] What? has that BMW got quattro?
  4. My Dilemma...

    [/ QUOTE ]
  5. My Dilemma...

    If you don't change your 'new' car for 3 years then there might be a new model of the A6 - So wether you go for an A4 or an A6 you may be in the same position!? I.E a new model out in both models by the time you change again. You are right, it is a dilemma - I do not know what I would do if I was you. But one thing is for sure - I love my A4 Avant. I would be reluctant to come out of my car and I think I am just going to keep it Keep your current car Keep saving And wait for the B8 Avant - and put big wheels on it!
  6. How weird is this...?

    Engine was running - It's a Yacht - Small engine and probably little fuel onboard I would guess, So the question would have to be asked.... How much fuel is left onboard - How much fuel has been used assuming it was full - Calculate how long it would have kept the engine running at idle - once the time is known check where the Yacht was at that time (approx) - Easy. BUT - If the 3 men had gone into the drink - assuming they left the boat when they started the engine the wind and tide can be calculated out to where they could be - but the longer that goes on the more impossible it is to work out. OK for a few hours but days, not a chance. The other thing is. The sails are up. If you have a sail that can not be repaired onboard you take it down. If you have a sail that can be fixed you take it down to repair it. So the guys who were onboard were not onboard when the sail was damaged. Or the sail ripped and they started the engine. If the engine has a twist throttle it would go back to idle when you let go - But if they say it was at idle then I assume it has a lever throttle. Is there a log of the engine being serviced/how many hours etc etc and how many hours is it at now. Computer - when was it last active? When was the last email sent? or a document updated - I am not into computers but I am sure they could check something on it. "The men were planning on sailing around northern Australia to Western Australia." So they were on there way not on their way back. Where was their last port of call? More questions than answers but one thing is for sure - they are gone! Just noticed this was almost two months ago... were they ever found?
  7. [ QUOTE ] I now just have to tackle the problem of all my upside down fuses! [/ QUOTE ]
  8. The mother of all plates?

    [ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] MMMMMMmmmmmm
  9. Phone up the Audi parts department and say "I am looking for a set of springs......" and see if he asks you if it's an Avant or a Saloon Forgot to mention, Welcome to TSN my friend!
  10. Don't think it would make any difference!? Everything is the same I would have thought... But the Exhausts I believe are different on a quattro. So you can tell even if there is no quattro badge even just sitting behind an Audi. But Springs? I think I know where you are coming from but I don't think that the Avant can take any more weight so suspect they would be the same. By the way, did you know.... An Avant is shorter in length than a Saloon. (B6 anyway) Just thougth I would tell ya.
  11. I have just gone for the Nokia 6300 as a free upgrade and it looks good but I am having a couple of problems with it... The main one is the Voice recognition. I have read the instructions, don't normally read them but on this occassion I have...Honest. All telephone numbers entered have now got a voice recognition??? Don't know why and they are all a computer/electronic voice. But when I try and do the voice recognition in my car (not a parrot, just the Nokia button) it comes up with some other number...?? and gives a list if you look at the screen on the phone. Can anyone help? It is really annoying! Thanks in advance!
  12. 2003 S4

    I have the dilema.... Do I sell or keep - I'm going to keep! However, what we should all do is all keep our Audi's and that would make the price go up for used ones as their would be less on the market. (IF YOU WANT AN AUDI YOU GOT TO BEG FOR ONE)
  13. Aftermarket rear side blinds

    Makes the car look really dark!
  14. Almost 3 years old - What would you do?

    But if they offer you 11k for your car you are really only getting 10k for it - cause lets face it - if you went in with no trade in they would give you at least a grand off ona new Audi!! If you did do that deal and accepted 11K for it I bet the invoice would say 10K for your Part X and the cost of the new car would have been reduced by a grand. (at least) And yep, I have seen cars similar to mine at closer to the 17K mark. Without cruise, front and rear park, symphony etc etc. IF they bought mine in for 13k - a dealer would need to spend £500 (cost to them, if that) on an Audi warranty, £205 on RFL, service £180 (to them), tyres, they may get away with them?? then someone off the street would want at least £500 off for no discount and they would wat to make at least 1k on the car. So my car would have to end up on their forecourt at £15,500 AT LEAST.