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  1. VW 12 point star keys(like Torx)

    just typed spline into the search in ebay and there was a set with no bids on it with 8 mins to go so got them!
  2. VW 12 point star keys(like Torx)

    four quid for metric set! happy with that!
  3. Great day for car spotting

    red enzo was rod stewarts it was in the newspaper yesterday!
  4. VW 12 point star keys(like Torx)

    cheers managed to get a set of trusty ol' ebay!
  5. VW 12 point star keys(like Torx)

    Cheers dude!
  6. On all VW cars they use brackets that are held on the car by screw that have a torx head except normal torx keys have six points on their star shape but the ones on VW's have 12 points so the normal torx keys don't fit!ondered if anyone knows what they are called or where I can get a set of keys for them. If you don't know what I'm talking about look at the bracket n the door frame that the door goes into, theres 2 star shapes! Tried halfurds and all the usual places!

    That's the gayest thing I've ever heard!
  8. Prospective new TVR owner

    Cheers guys, being overtaken by smart cars at the moment as I run it in, but the fun will start soon! I had a turbo 2000 years ago and I know there is a much bigger following of the 'classic' shape but to be honest I prefer the new car!
  9. The easy way to get colour coded brakes...

    It`s a piss take click on the link at the bottom of the poster's, erm post!
  10. THis is a long shot, but does the car have the original petrol cap? Not taking the piss I have heard of people having to get a new petrol cap and not getting the right kind meaning the tank can't breathe and after a few mins of engine running a vacuum is created and the fuel pump can no longer supply fuel causing cut out! Remember I said long shot!
  11. More VW Polo GTI alloy thoughts

    Would go nicely with a blue or red polo gti!
  12. Prospective new TVR owner

    Sorry guys I chickened out and decided to stick with awd and bought and Impreza! Maybe when I`m older and wiser I`ll get that TVR!
  13. just joined

    Hope your loaded as it`ll cost you a [censored] load to insure a Lupo GTi straight after passing your test but I suppose out of all the equivalent hot hatches it is the lowest insurance group(11).
  14. vw lupo 1.4 and 1.4 sport

    Is that who I think it is`s Gti! Dude tell him to practice his starts as thats just embarrasing for GTi drivers!
  15. vw lupo 1.4 and 1.4 sport

    100Bhp Sport vs. 125Bhp Gti I think was the race where there was a second difference!